Title: Questionnaire Form Plug-in

Questionnaire ImageThis plug-in lets people carry out questionnaire surveys for various purposes and features;

1. Single selection and multiple selections
2. Allowing everyone or specific user(s) to post an answer
3. Limiting visibility of the answers and the result
4. Allowing a questioner to notify specific people of posting the question
5. No notification of the submission of the answers of somebody else
6. New: An Answer Table tab under the question shows an inline list of responses, and total number of responses for each choice.
7. New: Click the Export CSV button to export response data as a comma separated variable file for spreadsheet analysis.

The feature 5 is a great improvement from Forum5621: Questionnaire Widget Plugin. In Forum5621: Questionnaire Widget Plugin, since each answer was a comment, the 1st answerer would get lots of notifications of the following answers because of the auto-watching capability. This plug-in would not send such notifications and not bother you any more.

Note: This plug-in is styled as a multi-choice vote with ability to comment. You may also be interested in Forum6918.


Click the link below to download the .zip file of this plug-in.

Log in to your TeamPage server and open Server Settings > Plugins. Select the .zip file and upload it.

After upload, you will see the I18N error, but don't worry. This error means just the language files (locale files) have not loaded yet.

Open Server Settings > General > Manage Server page and click "Restart TeamPage" button so that TeamPage server loads the language files.

If your TeamPage is hosted in Traction's cloud environment, you will be need to restart twice.

Then open Server Settings > Plugins page again to find "Timeline Entry Tab" plug-in is available.

How to use

Post a new question

Select "New Questionnaire" in the drop-down menu.

Fill-in and select options on the form.

In the example below, the value of the "min" is set to 1 and that of the "max" is set to 2. This means "each answerer select at least 1 option and he/she can select 2 options if he/she wants."

The questionnaire entry, which is a kind of tasks, looks like this.

Post an answer

Click "+ Add Answer" button to launch the answer dialog and select the option(s).

The answer is always visible to the answer. (Each answer can view his/her own answer.) If the question is se to "visible to questioner only", the answer can not view the other answers' answers.

The questioner (the author of the questionnaire) can always view the result and each answer.

Close the question

After getting the result, turn on the checkbox to close the questionnaire. Nobody can post an answer to the closed questionnaire.

Closed question

Add a new related task as "the next step to go"

TeamPage lets you plan "the next step" easily as a new task related to the questionnaire. Jus click "TASK" gray hover menu to add a new task.

New task related to the questionnaire

Answer Table

Version 1.0.16 or higher has the "Answer Table" tab. This tag let you overview the answers in a table and download the data as a CSV file.

List of the open (to do) questionnaires

Move "Questionnaires" option from the left to the right in Space Settings > Settings > Display > Proteus Space Tabs.

Tabs Setting

The "Questionnaires" tab shows up in the heading bar. You see the open (to do) questionnaires in the "Open" sub-tab.

List of the closed (done) questionnaires

You see the closed (done) questionnaires in the "Closed" sub-tab.

Closed Questionnaires

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