Title: Questionnaire Widget Plugin

I just created the questionnaire widget plugin. To make it easy to create and develop this plugin, I decided to use not JavaDB which is used in Mexico's "vote and like" feature but entry-comment which is a standard feature of TeamPage.

Note : This plugin is still the beta version. An improved option for a Questionnaire is provided in Forum6831: Questionnaire Form Plug-in

Download and install

Click the link below, download the zip file, and install it in your Server Setup | Plugins tab.

Download /db/attachments/forum/5621/share/
 16.9 KBjp.co.akj.questionnaire-0.91.zipNov 16, 20124:05:15 AM EST
 21.8 KBjp.co.akj.questionnaire-0.92.zipMay 7, 20147:19:33 AM EDT

When the installation is completed, you will be required to restart your TeamPage server.

How to create a new questionnaire form

Open "New Article" view, click the cog icon (Insert/Edit Widget button), and choose "Questionnaire".


10 options are available. Empty options will be ignored. Write something and click OK.


Submit the article and you will see a questionnaire form in the article.

Article has been submitted

How to cast a vote

Write the option number as the first paragraph of the comment.



The results will be calculated and displayed as below.

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