Title: Phone Notes Form plug-in

This plug-in allows you to post a "Phone Notes" entry as a special task with a special New/Edit form. When you get a phone call from your client and the person who the client wants to talk with is absent, you can use this form to let the person know that he/she got a phone call from the client.

And you can manage todo and done status of phone notes with TeamPage's project management feature and the great section feature. This will be helpful for you to remember the phone call and to make a return call.


Click the link below to download com.traction.form.phonenotes-Version.zip.

Notice: Version Compatibility

The latest version (1.1.x) is for TeamPage 6.1.x and not compatible with the old version (1.0.x) which was for TeamPage 5.x. If you have posted some Phone Notes entries into your TeamPage journal, the latest version of this plugin will display those entries property, but Edit Phone Notes form will not load some of the field values from the target entry. Please contact Takashi Okutsu if you want to make the latest version compatible with the old version.

The Latest Version

The Old Version

Download com.traction.form.phonenotes-1.0.2.zip

Log in to your TeamPage server as a server admin, and open Server Settings > Plugins page. Select the plugin's zip file at the bottom of the page, and then upload it to your TeamPage server.

After the upload, you will be required to restart the TeamPage server. Open Server Settings > General > Manage Server and press [Restart TeamPage] button. If your TeamPage server is hosted in Traction's cloud environment, you will need to restart twice.

After restart(s), you will see the plugin got installed.

How to use

Click [New Phone Notes] in the drop-down Add menu in the sidebar.

Note: Server admin can set this menu item to be hidden.

New Phone Notes form appears.

Note: The options in the "Message" drop-down-list can be configured by server admin.

When you post the Phone Notes form above, it should be displayed as below.

You (the user John Smith in the picture above, and the user Takashi Okutsu in the picture below) will be notified that you got a new phone notes. (in the notification button in the header bar of Proteus skin and via email)

You can do more and more. Post comments to discuss about the phone call and update the status. Post tasks to add "next actions".

The phone notes entry has the "phone" tag as default. You can overview the phone notes entries and each status (to do / done).

Note: Server admin can configure whether the "phone" tag should be added automatically or not. And also change the tag name.

If you setup sections for phone notes, it should be more convenient and helpful to manage and track the status.


Server admins can configure the behaviors of this plugin. Open Server Settings > Plugin and click "Configure" link in [Phone Notes Form] plug-in.

You will see the configurations view.

Config Options

Message Options

Fill in the options for the "Message" drop-down-list in the form. Each option must be line-broken.

Enable Automatic Additional Tag / Automatic Additional Tag Name

If yes in "Enable Automatic Additional Tag" configuration, the tag you specify in "Automatic Additional Tag Name" should be added to the Phonoe Notes entry automatically.

Note: The default tag name "phone" is internationalized. This could cause an "international" problem. For example, when one of your users who uses TeamPage with English locale posts a phone notes entry, the "phone" tag is added to the entry. On the other hand, if your Japanese user who uses TeamPage with Japanese locale posts a phone notes entry, the "電話" tag is added to the entry. If you have international users in your company (as users in TeamPage), please change the default tag name to specify the exact tag name. If "Use Default Value" checkbox is off, the default internationalized tag name is not used.

Entry Title Format

Server admins can change the title format here. For example, "Phone call: %client% at %start%" will be displayed as "Phone call: Ms Sally Suitcase (TSI Company) at 06:00 / Thu, Nov 13, 2014".

Show Add Menu in Side Column

If you want to hide "New Phone Notes" item in the drop-down add menu in the sidebar (side column), select "no" here.

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