Title: Space Setup - Mailbox | Dedicated Per Space Mailbox Configuration

Each Traction space can be configured to read and process email from a POP or IMAP mailbox.

However, Prior to TeamPage release 4.2, there mailboxes were supported on a per-space basis only. As of TeamPage release 4.2, there is a Server level mailbox and a set of routing rules. Space level mailboxes still exist but we generally recommend using the server level mailbox. .

You can configure the mail server settings by clicking the Edit Mail Server Settings button. See the section Space Mail Server Settings for more information.

Each space can also define rules that allow labels to be applied to incoming messages. For example, you might have all incoming email messages to a Bug space labeled todo in both the Bug and Engineering spaces. The section Mail Filters and Rules - Tagging Incoming Mail explains how to use mail rules.

Project mailbox setup is covered in the section Configuring Spaces to Read Mail

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