Title: Mail Filters and Rules - Tagging Incoming Mail

Traction supports two types rules which will tag new content received by email automatically.

Email Alias Rules

Most mail servers allow multiple email "aliases" to direct mail to the same mailbox. Traction lets you easily map these different aliases to different tags.

In the example below, three alias rules are defined.

If the mail aliases marketevent@mycompany.com and marketquestion@mycompany.com both feed mail into this project's mailbox, articles posted via mail to marketevent@mycompany.com will be given the event tag, and messages mailed to marketquestion@mycompany.com will be given the question tag.

According to the above example, all incoming messages, regardless of address, will be given the todo tag.

Email Header Rules

Email header rules let you check any email header field, or the entire body of the message, for a word or phrase, and to apply a tag if a match is found.

The table above shows a number of examples. Note that tag from the current project or from any other project can be applied; in this case, if the word problem appears, the article will be cross-posted to the product team.

Adding Rules

To add a new rule of either type, fill in the last row and click the +). Each rule that has been defined is listed with a (- in front of it. Clicking the (- removes the rule. None of the rules take effect until the Apply button at the bottom of the page has been pressed.

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