Title: Space Mail Server Settings

Each Space has its own mailbox settings. Default settings for many of the project settings can be specified using the Configuring Spaces to Read Mail section of the Server Email Settings window. As noted in Doc217: Space Setup - Mailbox | Dedicated Per Space Mailbox Configuration we recommend using the Server level mailbox capability unless a space level mailbox is necessary.

On the Mailbox tab of Project Setup, click the button Edit Mail Server Settings to launch the Project Mailbox Settings window.

The Space Mailbox Settings Window

Either of the two methods described above will launch the settings window.

Most of the settings on this page work exactly as described in the Configuring Spaces to Read Mail section.

There are a few additional controls that appear only on this page:


Here you enter the POP or IMAP account name of the mailbox on the mail server. This is the account Traction will use to log in to the mail server. Please note the warning in red and do not use your own personal mailbox -- all email in the account will be posted to the Traction space (if the sender has post permissions) or otherwise bounced to the original sender.


This is the password corresponding to the above username. It is stored encrypted in the Traction journal.

Email Address

This is the actual address to which email should be sent. It will be displayed in user-visible views in order to inform people where to send email intended for this space.

Testing Email

Once all of the information on the page is correct, you can press the Test button.

This will attempt to contact the mailbox and will report success or failure. If the test does not succeed, the error message displayed at the bottom should help you to diagnose the problem.

The Rules button takes you to the Mailbox page in Space Setup, where you can configure mail tagging rules. The Server Settings link takes you to the Configuring Spaces to Read Mail section of the Server Email Settings window.

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