Title: Personal Password

Changing a Personal Password

If this Traction deployment uses the Traction server itself for identity and authentication, users can change their passwords on the Personal Setup | Password page. Users with Server Setup permission can also change other users' passwords. (Users who have lost their password can also use the "Forgot your password?" feature from the login page.)

Note: Traction can authenticate users against an external LDAP or Active Directory server. Traction does not support changing passwords of users managed in an external directory server.

Require Password Change

If checked, the user will be forced to change his or her password the next time he or she logs in.

Disable Password Change

This field is only visible to users with Administer Server permissions. Check this checkbox if you wish to disallow this user from changing his or her own password.

Current Password

This field will appear when you are looking at the Password page for your own account. Enter your current password.

Your Password

If you are a server administrator looking at someone else's Password page, you can reset their password. Be sure to enter your own password, not their old password. This is a security measure.

New Password and Confirm New Password

Traction requires that you type the same password twice. If both match, you can press Apply to reset the password and set any other options specified above.

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