Title: Use an Existing Journal

Selecting an Existing Journal

The list of known Journals is shown next to the Use Existing Journal radio button.

Traction currently ships with two journals: StarterJournal, which includes some sample content to help familiarize you with Traction, and CommunicatorJournal_ja, which has similar content in Japanese.

If you want to use the default Starter journal, click the Next button to continue.

Adding a Journal to the List

If you have a journal, either from a previous installation, or one that someone has given to you in an archive file, you can add your journal to the list by typing the file path on your Traction server where the journal directory is located.

Once you have typed the path, click the +) button.

If you do not type the correct path to a journal directory, Traction will report an error:

If you get an error, check your path and try again.

If you type the path correctly, your journal will be selected in the pull-down menu, and its description will appear in the Short Description field.

You can then click Next to continue.

Automatic Restart with Index Rebuild

The server will now restart itself with the selected journal. While the server is restarting, it will also rebuild the index files on the Journal. This may take a few minutes. During this time you will see a spinning wheel and text that says "The server is restarting..." and the Next button will be greyed out.

When the server has completed its restart and is back online, the wheel will stop spinning, the text will change, and the Next button will become solid:

When you click Next it will take you to the journal's Front Page or login form, depending on the journal selected and the credentials required for access.

Logging in to the Starter Journal

If you select the Starter Journal, you can follow the instructions in the welcome article that has been posted.

If you wish to sign in as a server administrator, you can use the username admin, with no password, per the instructions in the welcome article.

If you plan to continue using the Starter Journal, we recommend that you Personal Password after logging in.

You can now begin using Traction, or continue reading the User Guide or Setup sections of the help.

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