Title: Frontpage Navigation Links

As of version 3.7 and up to but only available in the Mexico skin for versions beyond 5.x (where the default becomes Proteus where this feature is not supported) TeamPage supports customizing the left-hand navigation panel using an XML template that specifies the hierarchy and positioning of navigation elements.

As of version 5.x, the default skin, Proteus, does not support Navigation Links. Instead, to author navigation in the sidebar, you can use a combination of the Sidebar Article for the Front Page and each Space's Dashboard as well as Table of Contents in each space.

These two frontpage settings allow a server administrator to indicate whether to use the XML-driven customized navigation interface for frontpage views (and other multiple project views), and what XML to use. (This can also be done for Space newspages and other single project views; see Space Navigation Links.)

For an explanation of the Navigation Links XML syntax, see Space Navigation Links.

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