Title: Table of Contents

The Table of Contents (TOC) is a Space level feature that offers you the ability to create a TOC from a set of specified pages. The TOC will show in the right column of the space listing the "root" or top level articles.

If any of the pages specify Child pages, then you can click to expand in order to see and navigate to the child (or grandchild, and so on) pages.

The TOC augments the navigation you can create with (1) sections in the Dashboard tab (2) an authored page and links on the home page in the Wiki tab and (3) the Sidebar Article.

How Table of Contents Works

The TOC will appear in the Space Dashboard, Wiki Tab, Actions tab and Single article views. In the example below, you can see the TOC for the PharmaReview space.

Two of the three root articles are expanded so you can see their children.

When you navigate to an article in the TOC, the TOC will highlight your location. Underneath the article, you can see the list of Child Articles which are reflected in the TOC Contents.

Configuring the Table of Contents

The top level articles in the TOC are called Root Articles. They are specified in Space Setup | Dashboard | Navigation Links - Root Articles.

You can look use the lookup tool to find articles by Traction ID or Title. You can also click to select them from any given user's The Collector.

The Child Articles for each Root Article are specified when you edit the respective Root Articles and click to "Edit Children" in the article editor. From the Edit Children dialog you can search for articles and then order them as you would like them to appear in the TOC.

TOC Root Article View.png
Specify Root Articles.png
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