Title: Sidebar Article

The standard TeamPage skins all provide a spot for authored content to be included in the interface. This is often used for a welcome message, or links that may assist navigation.

The sidebar article offers you a chance to provide guidance and links to any page or view in TeamPage, or to link outside of TeamPage to other resources in (or out of) your organization.

Note: The Sidebar Article may be used in conjunction with Table of Contents to provided guided navigation beyond what's possible in Front Page and Space level Dashboards. The Sidebar Article and TOC are both suitable replacements for Space Navigation Links which were used for similar purposes in TeamPage 4.2 and earlier.

In this example, the "Key Links" dialogue is a Sidebar Article appearing in the right column of the Front Page.

The server default Sidebar Article shows on the the Front Page Dashboard and each Space level Dashboard. If a Space's settings override the Sidebar Article, the Space's selection will appear instead

Any article can be designated as a sidebar article. First, write the content you would like to appear:

In the image above, you can see that the Traction ID of the article is "Shazam13"

The setting for Sidebar Article is found in Server Setup | Defaults | Space Settings | Display - Sidebar. Put in the Traction ID of the sidebar article you want to designate and uncheck "Use Default Value."

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