Title: Digest - Customize Settings

The Email Digest is the most popular form of notification, followed by instant email based on subscribing to a space, author, thread or tag. The Default Digest format is the Block digest in the Activity format (which consolidates comments by thread, and exposes some old content, if any, for context). Using Traction's Skin Definition Language (SDL), multiple alternative digests can be created.

Customize the Digest Skin Settings

The Email Digest page shows examples of the Block digest. The Digest setting controls which digest format will be used and the Customize button controls the look and feel of the digest skin itself. This setting is found in the following tabs for Admins and Users respectively:

Clicking the Customize button displays the options available for the selected digest skin. The default Block digest has several options, including a choice of what color scheme to use, the text that should appear in the subject and welcome message, and whether the content should group by Activity/Thread vs. by Space.

Note: the {0} variable refers to the Description field for the Current Journal (In the Server Setup
| General | Current Journal tab).

Group by Activity Instead of By Section Setting

A setting that has a major influence on the organization of digests using the default Block skin appears at the bottom of the Customize Block Digest Skin window:

Examples of each format appear in Email Digest

When set to yes, which is the default, the Block digest skin will use digest sections and spaces to determine what content to include, but will actually organize the content by space. Also, the Activity format consolidates comments into their threads and shows a certain amount of old content (if any) in the thread for context.

In the Section format, each new article and comment (and task and so on) are shown in their own digest record and appear in the digest based on the section settings.

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