Title: Journal Setup Overview

A Traction Journal is the container that houses all your data. This includes user accounts, projects, articles, labels, shared files and attachments.

By default, journals start nearly empty and can be configured to match your needs.

All the files that comprise a journal are stored on disk in a single folder, or directory, the "journal directory". You can have multiple journals, but only one may be active at a time in any given instance of the Traction program.

Traction Software provides a small number of sample journals to get people started, and also offers journal creation training and consulting to help customers create a journal that fulfills their requirements.

If you have gone through such consulting and are installing a journal provided to you, follow the steps below for "Use Existing Journal".

The Journal Setup page gives you two options: Creating a New Journal or Use an Existing Journal.

If you are familiar with Traction and wish to create a new, empty journal, select the radio button next to Creating a New Journal.

Otherwise, choose Use an Existing Journal to get acquainted with Traction using the Traction Starter Journal.

You can now continue on to Creating a New Journal or Use an Existing Journal.

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