Title: TeamPage 6.1.03

This version of TeamPage is focused on improvements to TeamPage's user interface for filtering of query results.

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Most views in TeamPage now include a "Filter" menu which lists all the possible options for filtering the query results for the current page, which include:

The options appearing in the filter menu are completely extensible; the Quality Management module includes further options, and any plug-in can register any set of options, including whatever custom behaviors are necessary for implementing filter matching.

Choosing any filter option launches a simple form with a field for entering the desired value, as well as another field for choosing the filter matching mode: require "Any" of the values entered; require "All" of the values entered; or require "None" of the values entered.


It is now possible to delete an entry directly from the form used to edit it (for users who have permission to delete the entry).


"Extended details" -- such as what project/milestone they belong to, and table entry-specific details (e.g., due date, priority, etc. for a task) -- now appear in all sorts of contexts where they had formerly been omitted. These include "brief" and "full" volume sections and views; email notification messages (particularly those generated for comments); and the email digest. (Proteus10786 / Proteus11854 / Server76838 / Server76561)

• The "Support for Times in Project Management Form Date Fields" (com.traction.pm.times) plug-in settings for whether to support time controls as part of the date fields that appear in task, milestone and project forms now work properly again. (Server76198)

• Improved handling of certain types of invalid search expressions that could prevent some pages (often those including sections) from displaying properly. (Server73055)

• Implemented proper handling in the case of a user having just created an entry or email reply which they themselves are not allowed to read. The space-specific confirmation message (see the space settings in the "Unreadable Content Post Confirmation Messages" section of the Space Settings > Editing settings group) is now displayed in an in-page dialog. (Proteus11806)

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a regression introduced in TeamPage 6.1 FCS that could cause certain tag form fields not to be correctly configured and/or populated. (Server76796)

• Fixed a regression that prevented the space-scoping for Attivio search views from being correctly preserved in the search form when the page is initially loaded. The results would be initially correctly scoped to the requested space or spaces, but subsequent clicks of the "Search" button in the Attivio search form would remove that scoping. (Server76763)

• Fixed an issue related to logging some warnings and errors. In some cases, the log message would erroneously indicate that enabling a particular type of debug logging could provide further details. (458a57911c30)

• Fixed a regression in the "Change Tags" form used to modify the project, milestone and other tags for multiple entries which could prevent all the entries currently appearing in the page from being listed in the form launched via the "Page" > "Change Tags" context menu action or the "Change Tags" button in the side column of task list views. The form will now correctly reflect all the entries currently displayed in the page. (Proteus11695)

• Fixed a regression introduced in TeamPage 6.1.02 that could cause some queries involving fulltext searches to run very slowly. (Server76892)

• Fixed an issue related to gracefully handling unexpected responses from a TeamPage server when the user attempts to load TeamPage's context menu. (Server76886/Server76890)

• Fixed an issue that could prevent user profile pages from being loaded if no profile space was selected for the user. It is still recommended to choose an appropriate space as the default profile space, but these changes will ensure that errors arising from not having designated a profile space will not prevent user profile pages from being viewable. (Server76828)

• Fixed a bug that caused space-specific "Notifications" options to be displayed in the side column of All spaces views (such as the front page / all spaces dashboard) when viewed by a user who could only see one active space. (Server76355)

• Fixed an issue that prevented any options from appearing in the type-ahead "Milestone" field until a space has been chosen. Now, the candidate milestones not bound to a particular project will be available in the milestone type-ahead selector field. (Proteus11476)

• Fixed the title of the New Article form when launched via the "Click here to create this page" button. (JPBO7746)

• Fixed a bug related to the display of Attivio search driven query results that prevented the section configuration's "Display" options ("Title", "Details", "Tags", "Comments" and "Attachments") from being correctly applied when the corresponding checkboxes were unchecked. For example, in "Full" volume Attivio search driven sections, even with the "Title", "Details" and "Tags" checkboxes unchecked, the section rendering would still include the titles, details and tags for the entries being displayed. These checkboxes are now correctly applied for Attivio-search driven sections in all contexts. (Server76863)

• Fixed a bug that prevented section widgets referring to Attivio search driven sections from working properly when using the Email Articles to send an entry containing such a widget by email. Instead of showing the actual section results, the section rendering would display the containing article itself would appear where each result should have been. (Server76863)

• Fixed an issue that caused close milestones to be displayed in the list of milestones appearing in the side column of most single-project scoped pages. This list is intended to include open milestones only. (Server75556)

Fixed some minor issues that could, in some cases, cause error messages to be reported in the Javascript consoles of some browsers when clicking certain links, such as the "Add" button for section or section table. (These errors were never known to cause any issues with TeamPage's web-based UI.) (99e352745eac / 36affd6b8bdb)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the server default value for the "Server Digest Mail Format" setting from being correctly applied to the server-scheduled digests as they were generated (JPBO7825)

Other Changes

• The "Oracle" option for additional database table connections has been removed. TeamPage still has a plug-in that offers support for connecting to Oracle databases for use by developers making their own TeamPage plug-ins, but the standard database tables used by TeamPage for Project Management and other core features does not currently support Oracle. (Server71692)

• Added a META tag declaring the text/html and UTF-8 charset encoding for the HTML version of the digest message. This change will be a welcome one for customers whose email servers rewrite the email digest MIME messages, splitting the HTML version off from the main message and thus preventing the correct character set encoding from being applied to the HTML message body, resulting in some or all of the digest message appearing as garbled text. (JPBO7826)

For Developers

• Fixed handling of statically specified options for type=select form fields. Options now come from either the "option" children of the Field configuration, or from the FieldType.DataProvider for the Field, but not both (and the options from the DataProvider are preferred). This also includes a change to ensure proper handling of empty option text/value when specifying option data via the "option" children in a Field's configuration. (Proteus11603)

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