Title: TeamPage 6.1.02

This version of TeamPage introduces a bookmarks sidebar, improvements to drilling down on queries in task lists, and some related improvements for TeamPage's extensible forms API. It also includes various bug fixes and improvements to fulltext for Japanese.

Note that customers who are using TeamPage's Quality Management module must upgrade the com.traction.qm plug-in concurrently with the upgrade from version 6.1.01 to 6.1.02.

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Now you can bookmark TeamPage views and return to them later. This lets you capture and return to filtered task lists, searches, and other favorite views. To add a bookmark for any view: 1) Click the bookmark icon; 2) The icon changes from empty to filled in, and your current view is added to the Bookmarks list. To navigate to a bookmarked view: Click the title in the Bookmarks list; that title is moved to the top of the Bookmarks list. To delete a bookmark: 1) Click the title of the bookmark you want to delete; 2) Click the bookmark icon. The icon will change from filled in to empty and that bookmark will be deleted from the Bookmarks list.


TeamPage has a completely new extensible query filtering on virtually any "entry field," e.g., Task Priority or Assignee, Project Members, etc.

Section Tables, charts used in the Quality Management module, and various Project Management oriented pages all support drill-down style filtering that makes use of the new search filters.

Also, lists can now be filtered by any number of assignees -- not just one at a time.

And all filters appear in context above the task list to which they apply, instead of in the side column.

Upcoming releases will continue to include enhancements related to search filtering, so please stay tuned. [ June 2, 2015 Customer4820: TeamPage 6.1.03 adds filtering to Activity and most other views. ]

Native Fulltext Improvements for Japanese

For our customers in Japan, we are very pleased to announce that TeamPage now comes bundled with the kuromoji Japanese morphological analyzer to offer greatly improved native full text indexing, querying and hit highlighting for Japanese language content. For the time being, this feature must be manually enabled by modifying TeamPage's bootstrap configuration file. Please create a support request if you would like assistance enabling this feature on your TeamPage server.

Other Improvements

• The effects of the "Preferred Article Display Date" and "Preferred Article Attribution Display" settings now extend to Print version, PDF export, Email Articles, email notifications, and other contexts outside of TeamPage's main user interface. (Server76501)

• The Wiki space template has now been updated so that the Preferred Article Display Date setting is "Last Update" and the Preferred Article Attribution Display is "Author of Last Update". (f982d13da0c9)

• TeamPage's Attivio search filter builder interface has been modified so that it is quicker and more intuitive to apply a filter, and so that it is more visually consistent with the rest of TeamPage's user interface. (Proteus10296 / Server76213)

• Modified the TeamPage installer to remove the com.traction.showpublishdate plug-in, which is now completely obviated/superseded by the application "Preferred Article Display Date" and "Preferred Article Attribution Display" space settings.

• Added support for regular expression based file name filtering in TeamPage's "File Listing" widget. (JPBO6154)

• If your TeamPage server has the "Copy Project" plug-in installed, TeamPage's installer will automatically update it. (Server76637)

Bug Fixes

• Fixed some issues that could cause an error to be reported to a user who has just tried to insert an image into TeamPage's rich text editor via drag-and-drop. (Server76276 / Server76283)

• Fixed a bug that could cause the Feed Reader module from working properly until the TeamPage service was restarted. (Server76245)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the historical versions of a document from being retrieved using the links on the "Versions" tab for an individual document whose file name contained one or more occurrences of certain characters (such as a space). (Server76583)

• Fixed a regression that prevented version check-in comments from appearing when viewing an individual document's version history. (Proteus11643)

• Fixed an issue that could cause the values for a task's "Estimate" and "Time Spent" to appear twice in certain situations. (JPBO7007)

• Fixed a problem related to when the "Add" button shows up for tag-driven sections. Previously, the "Add" button might not appear in certain cases even when the section was configured to display it, and when the user had permission to add a new entry to a tag-driven section. (Server76381)

• Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong user to be displayed for the purposes of attribution of articles when the containing space's "Preferred Article Attribution Display" setting was set to "Author of Current Published Version". (Server76496)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the random password generator from working on the user settings > password page for a user who is being required to change their password. (Server76529)

• Fixed an issue that caused the paragraph containing the link to an .ics file for an event ("Save iCalendar (.ics) event to your desktop calendar") to appear in the Print Version. (cd27bd40f4c7)

• Fixed a bug that prevented a TeamPage server from setting the proper HTTP response code -- e.g., a 404 for an HTTP 404 "Not Found" error -- for certain types of failed requests. This could cause, among other things, a user's attempt to "Save Link As..." to succeed and save the contents of an error page as though it were the requested document or resource. Now, in cases like this, the browser should notify the user of the error and not save the response in place of the requested document or resource. Note that in some cases, although the browser will report an error, it may not report the same error text that was sent in the response from the TeamPage server. (Server76584)

• Fixed a bug that could cause events to appear on a user's Calendar when they used to be invited but are no longer invited. This also includes a change to ensure that a "CANCEL" iCalendar attachment is sent in an email notification to any user who was removed from the Invited list for an event. (JPBO7337)

• Fixed an issue that erroneously caused events to appear on a user's Calendar just because they are associated with a project to which the user is or was related (e.g., they might have been an assignee for a closed task). (Proteus11533)


• TeamPage's Quality Management module has now been internationalized. It is currently fully localized for English and Japanese.

• The "Task Summary" information that appears in the side column of various views has been internationalized. (Server76244)

• Fixed an i18n issue that caused the "done" tag not to be properly specified in the Project Team space template's "Recently Done" dashboard section. (JPBO7314)

For Developers

• The new class/concept of com.traction.sdk.token.EntryField has been logically separated from the com.traction.sdk.token.EntryFieldRenderer. The EntryField provides access to a "raw" value for the "entry field", and other properties that are not associated with any particular entry field rendering, such as the display name and "entry field value" differences (i.e., effective differences in "entry field value" between one version and the next). For EntryFieldRenderers to continue to work, the corresponding EntryField configuration must be added to config/entry/field/props. See an upcoming edit to Forms1 for more information on the forms API and how EntryFields and EntryFieldRenderers fit in; and see the files that ship with TeamPage in the config/entry/fields/props. (Server76305)

• All LabelNameBuckets should now be defined in configuration files in the config/data/labelnamebuckets directory rather than inline in EntryClass configurations. EntryClass configurations should now simply specify a labelname_buckets= property whose value should be a comma-separated list of LabelNameBuckets, by configuration name, for which they declare primary support.

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