Title: TeamPage 5.2.44

Published 12 Jun 2012 This article describes what's new in Traction® TeamPage version 5.2.44. Highlights include: Improved Proteus header layout and design; improved unified search to make lookup of spaces, people, projects and tasks easier and quicker; new "work in progress" model for autosave and finish later actions, including edits of tasks, project, milestones; significant performance improvements for single entry, expanded activity feed, profile view and calendar feeds; Support for IE 10; Improved iPad and iPhone support including rich text editing; Improved feedback forms; new developer features; other improvements and bug fixes.

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Features and Improvements

• The Proteus skin's header has a new design and layout! It offers the same features in what we think is a clearer and easier to use layout, and improved unified search to quickly look up people, spaces, tasks, or projects using the type-ahead search bar.

• No more confusion over private/personal "Drafts" versus articles that are in the moderation state "Draft" vs "Published"! Instead of a "Save Draft" button in web-based forms, you'll see a "Finish Later" button. You'll also find a new "Work in Progress" tab in your user profile, and a link to that tab in your profile menu. The "Work in Progress" page shows all the work you decided to finish later -- or which TeamPage automatically saved for you so you could finish it later even if your browser crashes or you accidentally close the window! You can resume or delete any of your "Work in Progress" items right from the new "Work in Progress" tab you will find in your user profile instead of having to load the generic New Article form to resume or delete them as had been the case with the "Save Draft" feature of previous releases.

• The task, milestone, project, and other custom forms based on the new Proteus GWT framework introduced in TeamPage 5.0 now support the "Finish Later" features. Previously, with the "Save Draft" feature, only the classic New Article and related forms supported "Save Draft".

• A short list of some Work in Progress items, with the most relevant to the current page appearing first -- e.g., a task that is associated with a project whose dashboard you're viewing -- is always available in the sidebar.

• The "Finish Later" button in the classic edit views such as the Create New Article dialog now closes the dialog. Previously, the "Save Draft" button did not close the dialog.

• There are no longer separate auto-saved versions and manually saved versions. Previously, if a user had manually saved a draft, both that version and the latest automatically saved version that happened after the manually saved version were retained. The new "Work In Progress" feature saves the last copy that either you or TeamPage saved.

• Fixed support for Internet Explorer 10. This was added and advertised for 5.2.40, but was accidentally omitted from the final release build. (Forum5304)

• Enabled rich text editing in the Safari browser running on iPhones and iPads. Previously, only plain text editing was available in Safari on iOS devices.

• Improved speed, layout and performance for iPhone and iPad devices, including type-ahead completion for unified search.

• The time it takes to generate the feed for a Calendar page in iCal or Outlook subscription has be made over ten times faster. This will be a welcome change for users of the Subscription feature (the link to subscribe in your preferred calendar software appears on any Calendar tab). We may ask you to look in the traction.log file to help us diagnose any calendar problems that iCal or Outlook don't report directly, so please note the date/time for any calendar related issues. (Proteus9238)

• The time it takes to generate a User Profile > Feed page, when there are no type filters applied, has also been greatly reduced. Previously, for relatively new user accounts with no activity or very little activity, this page could take a very long time to generate. (LiveBlog16740)

• Single entry views and expanded feed entry views should now load much more quickly. This will be welcome news for some users who have reported seeing some requests take a long time, particularly when their JavaDB servers are under heavy load. (Proteus9131 / Proteus9161 / FDA4802)

• Unified search type-ahead completion feature introduced in TeamPage 5.2.43 now offers matches if the you type a Traction IDs for entries, items (paragraphs), or attachments. If you know the ID of the article you wanted to see, you previously could navigate to that article by typing a forward slash followed by the ID in the search bar, e.g., /Customer3951 or /3951 if you were already on a page focused on the target space. Now you don't have to type the forward slash; the corresponding entry will be the first suggested result if you type a Traction ID. (Server61164)

• Unified search type-ahead suggestions for user profiles now favor people you follow, and suggestions for spaces now favor spaces in your favorites list. (Server61172 / Server61163)

• Unified search type-ahead suggestions for projects and milestones now includes results from all spaces when typed from a page focused on a single space, not just from a single space. Results from the current space appear higher in the list of suggestions. (Server60896)

• Unified search type-ahead completion of user profiles, spaces, projects and milestones nows offer a "Show All" link for each category of matches to allow you to browse through a complete list of matches. (Server61391, Server61399, Proteus9275)

• The template article field is now available in the section editor for sections of type Tasks, Projects and Milestones. (Server61222)

• Removed the limitation that when using a template article with a section, the template's entry class was always used in preference to the desired entry class for the section, sometimes causing the newly posted entry to take on an unexpected entry class or even to not appear in the section. (Server61226)

• Upgraded to TinyMCE to pick up various fixes and improvements.

• Removed a limitation involving the "Edit" button that allows editing Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents directly in Microsoft Office no longer being displayed in various contexts after the first edit. This was due to Office indicating the the updated document is an XML text file (even for Office document formats that are most definitely not XML), which prevented TeamPage from matching the content type of the document against the types known to support direct editing in Office. TeamPage will now try to recognize the file name's extension if it fails to recognize the content type. (FDA4607)

• Removed some unnecessary contention between concurrent threads that could cause the Clear Caches operation to wait unnecessarily while some daemon threads are executing. (Server60804)

• For TeamPage installations that use Attivio AIE, there is now a user preference for whether to show the "Find Similar" link in the details of an expanded feed entry or search result. Displaying this link requires an extra request to the Attivio AIE server, and many users who may not care about this capability. Even if it is displayed, though, the request to Attivio AIE is performed as part of a separate request to the TeamPag server after the expanded feed view has already been displayed (thus helping to improve the speed of the expansion).

• Changed the long standing (and rare) behavior of the first paragraph's content being used as the title of an entry being created with no title. (Server54564)

• The "Force Client Reload of Static Resources" button is now findable from the Search box in admin pages. (Server61280)

• Instead of showing a feedback form, which is normally reserved for unexpected errors, when a user attempts to navigate to a folder or file that either does not exist or which they do not have permission to view, an error page is displayed. This page also has all the usual page decorations that allow signing in or navigating to a different page, which was previously not possible after the feedback dialog was displayed if the page was the first one the user was visiting (e.g., if they clicked a link from an external source). This should cut down significantly on the confusion that some users experienced when seeing a feedback dialog in this situation. (Server61291)

• There are now two different pairs of title and explanation for the feedback dialog: one for when the user explicitly chooses the "Feedback" option from the Help menu to offer feedback or report a problem; and one that's shown automatically when an unexpected error occurs. The titles and explanations in the dialog now explain the purpose of the feedback dialog, and that the feedback is coming to Traction Software instead of, say, their local TeamPage server administrator. It wasn't clear that the feedback message was going to be sent to Traction Software rather than someone within their own organization. We hope these changes will reduce confusion. (Server61290)

• The default value of the "Allow Registered Users to See Profile" setting is now "Yes". (Server61402).

• Top level "Actions" tab has been renamed to "Tasks". Subtabs and behavior remain the same, only the top level tab name changed.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a regression that caused the RSS skin to generally return no results. The RSS syndication views should now work properly, returning the expected set of results. (Server60778)

• Fixed some possible concurrency issues related to tracking whether the TeamPage server was ready to shut down. It is possible but not likely that the server would either shut down prematurely before certain operations had a chance to complete or be unable to shut down without resorting to the "force shutdown" option while waiting for operations to complete. (Server50402)

• Fixed a bug in which files extracted from ZIP or JAR archive file, which happens in a few cases (such as when viewing a log file that had been decompressed or installing a plug-in), were never closed after they were finished being written to disk. (19d55796ef56)

• Fixed some minor issues in which the possibility of a file having been opened for input might not have been closed properly if there were an error while it was being read. (Server58954 / 5da7bc56fe91 / 0ea2941e0c00)

• Behind-the-scenes improvements to rule out any possibility of concurrency problems related to loading (during startup) or reloading (during a cache clear) of configurable objects such as SDL tags, skins or views. (322eb733cc9f)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the down arrow icon from properly expanding a search result in a feed volume Attivio search view. (AKJ15381)

• Fixed user-agent mapping for Internet Explorer browsers that happened to have Chrome Frame add-on installed. Previously, those users would be served the Javascript designed for Google Chrome, even though Chrome Frame was not activated for TeamPage, causing strange and buggy behavior. (Server60839)

• Fixed a bug that forced some Space configuration settings back to their old values after an index rebuild was performed on a TeamPage journal. (Server60746)

• Fixed a bug that prevented certain settings from being displayed in the Space Template Editor dialog. (Help8580)

• Fixed a bug that caused the generated URL corresponding to an Attivio search view to be incorrect. This issue would likely only affect customers who have customizations that involve using this generated URL. The Proteus skin's Attivio search view would not have been affected. (0fccf8d89230)

• Fixed some issues that caused the Server Setup | Spaces and Server Setup | People pages, as well as the Advanced Space Creation dialog, not to function properly. Sometimes the issue might manifest as script errors in the page and may prevent new spaces or new user accounts from being added from these administrative pages. (Help8590)

• Fixed a bug that caused accepting a type-ahead search completion result for a spaces to reload the entire page. Accepting one of these results will now navigate normally in the Proteus skin. (Server60913)

• Fixed a bug that prevented any type-ahead search suggestions from appearing when the search query string included double quotation marks. (FDA4545)

• Fixed a bug affecting IE only, in which the cursor could not be placed in any input fields after a new comment or other entry had been posted. (FDA4596)

• Fixed a bug in which raw rapid selector token text could be improperly used in the title of a status update if such text appeared in the portion of the first paragraph being excerpted to provide a title. (Server54590)

• Fixed a bug that caused type-ahead search completions for projects and milestones to fail if the search text contained multiple consecutive spaces. (Server61259)

• Removed the "Space" options in the Proteus skin's Admin menu when the view is not focused on a single space. Previously, these links appeared, but did nothing (and two of them caused a Javascript error) when used in the context of a view not focused on a single space, such as the All Spaces Front page, or a User Profile page. (Proteus8265)

• Fixed some style issues relating to ordered lists, in both the rich text editor and in the Proteus skin. (FDA4720)

• Restored the correct X icon image for the "Close" link that appears in the top right corner of the setup assistant. (c1b1064b159a)

• Fixed the links to administrative pages and settings in the Setup Assistant. The links also now bring you right to an individual setting when necessary, with the setting highlighted so as to be easily spotted in the page. Also, in the Proteus version of the Setup Assistant, the links to create a new space or user account now open the Proteus dialogs for those purposes (opening them in a new window will still bring you to the appropriate Server Setup page which may offer advanced options). (Server61424).

• Removed the "More >" link in the Spaces side box when there are no more spaces to show. Previously, the link would appear regardless of whether there were any more spaces, and clicking it would do nothing. (Proteus9293)

• Fixed a very minor readability problem related to the layout of the "Watch Settings" dialog. (Proteus8847)

Developer Features

• Several methods in the com.traction.sdk.PersonalDraft interface have had their signatures changed to remove the required com.traction.sdk.Context parameter, and several public static constants have been removed from that interface. Also, some public static utility methods in the com.traction.sdk.sdl.tag.Drafts and AlternativeDrafts classes have had their signatures changed. If you have Java code that relies upon these classes, you might have to change it, and you will have to recompile it.

• To enable developers to access all the useful methods in the PersonalDraft interface from SDL, we have added the personaldraft.* tags. These tags can be used within the <drafts>, <alternativedrafts>, and any other tag which puts a PersonalDraft into scope.

• GWT forms now support the "Finish Later" feature, and will also automatically save the user's work for them as they work. You can turn it off for a particular form by adding an attribute to the FORM element in your form schema SDL file.

• The "Save Draft" button The old "savedraft" features are still supported by both the traction.js Javascript library used in the classic edit forms and the com.traction.sdk.form.EditFormParser API for web based post forms.

• Deprecated the com.traction.sdk.AttachmentManager interface, and various methods in the SDK that use it. Use com.traction.sdk.Journal.getAttachment instead.

• The db.query, db.sql, db.update and db.entries tags, as well as the com.traction.sdk.db package's QueryUtil class, have all gotten a rewrite. All queries now support prepared statements, which supports both type safety as a measure of SQL injection, improved performance for repeatedly executed queries, and getting rows with very long string columns (e.g., a CLOB of 10k characters) into a table without running up against a the SQL statement length limit. Also, Exceptions raised during execution of a query are now stored in scope to be retrieved later either from Java or SDL in order to reliably determine whether a query from a deeply nested scope succeeded.

• Changed the way the SDL template for a Proteus skin tab is evaluated to avoid a NullPointerException if the template doesn't exist.

• If a gwt.rpc.deferred is included in an expanded feed entry, either as a top level node or as a child of any top level node, it is now rendered. This allows expanded feed entry views to support customizations that include deferred requests. If any gwt.rpc.view/deferred is included in an expanded feed entry view, the main HTML response to be used as the expanded feed entry rendering must be included in a <gwt.rpc.view name="HTML">.

• To allow the response to a deferred request to be used as the inner HTML of the node created as its place-holder, rather than forcing such a request to create a separate DIV as is done when rendering the response for a request set up by a gwt.rpc.deferred, we have added the gwt.rpc.deferred.html tag. This otherwise works the same as the gwt.rpc.deferred tag.

• There is now a new "BANNER" profile picture image display type. This version is a maximum of 200 pixels in width or height, and is used as the banner image in the user profile details.

• The user agent mapping file (useragent.properties) can now be overridden in a plug-in, and user agent configurations can now be overridden or added in plug-ins. If a user agent mapping is invalid, you will see an error printed on your console and in your traction.log and debug.log files.

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