Title: TeamPage 5.2.43

Published 20 April 2012 This article describes what's new in Traction® TeamPage version 5.2.43. Highlights include: New search control for Proteus with typeahead completion, selectable scope (current space, all spaces); Admin interface includes search for setting with one click jump to the correct Admin page.

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Features and Improvements

• The Proteus skin has been given a completely new search control which gives type-ahead completion on various types of results: spaces, users, and, for TeamPage installations that are equipped with Attivio AIE support, suggestions from the search index (if enabled).

• All relevant administrative objects are now searchable from the main administrative interfaces. A search box appears at the top of each page, and provides type-ahead completion on all different types of settings -- searching in both the display name and the description of settings, controls, and entire pages and tabs used to organize these interfaces. Settings for your currently configured user directory (e.g., Active Directory integration) are also included.

• Updates to layout and styles used in the administrative interfaces.

• Further i18n and Japanese l10n. (AKJ15076)

• Added support for the pipelinepilot user agent. (0e898e2702a2)

• Added a preference for whether to use live updating of Attivio search results as a user is typing. (b04bc49ba301)

• Cleaned up and simplified the options in the export setup dialog. Settings are grouped on tabs now, which makes it easier to zero in on the ones you're interested in. (498a3310f412)

• Optimized the query used to retrieve type-ahead completion suggestions from Attivio. (Server57760.02)

• Redesigned the layout and styles in the print version skin to enhance usability and visual appeal. (9e66f96d4730)

• Removed the "change" link that appeared in the Proteus skin header area that was used to change to a different space. A plug-in which is installed and enabled by default always shows the Spaces box in the side column serves this function. (Proteus8812)

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that caused an error when a user would use certain skins from the "Classic Traction TeamPage Components" plug-in. (Server60343)

• Fixed an issue that could cause resource leaks involving database connections. (Proteus7320)

• Fixed a possible concurrency issue with configuration files that are generated on demand (e.g., export output templates). (30a5de0b9ca8)

• Fixed some issues related to decrypting the password for the credentials for outgoing HTTP requests. (ec6bff0db0b7)

• Upgraded the Javamail package that we ship with TeamPage. (4ecd6229450a)

• Fixed various issues with the wiki page name history page, including one that caused an error that prevented the page from being displayed. (Server60451)

• Fixed some problems with the Glossary skin. This skin is not actively developed or maintained, but some users may be using it. You can download it from the latest release plug-ins folder. (84bd1391c6c4)

• Fixed various minor style problems with the Proteus skin (Proteus8909, Proteus8939)

• Fixed the priority and user links that appear in feed volume task renderings in the context of inline tasks. Previously, these links did not link to a different useful view. (Proteus8892, Proteus8847)

• Build 5.2.43 fixed a minor CSS styling issue in Attivio Index Administration present in build 5.2.42.

Developer Features

• Added a public "Unified Search" API with pluggable search sources for the new search features described above. See com.traction.sdk.search.unified and com/traction/sdl/all/unifiedsearch_.sdl.

• Added the checkbrowserid tag which can be used to prevent a Cross-Site Request Forgery attack when processing form data from SDL.

• Added the string.length tag which evaluates to the length of the string generated by evaluating the tag's children.

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