Title: Traction® TeamPage™ - System requirements

Traction® TeamPage is a pure standalone server application that runs on any system capable of running Java 1.8, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. There are no prerequisites other than a supported operating system. After running the installer, TeamPage is easily set up and managed using its own web browser-based interface.

Note: The Solr Advanced Search module is installed separately from TeamPage and has its own operating system requirements. Please see Solr System Requirements.

TeamPage Server Hardware

Operating System

Web Browser

TeamPage supports all modern desktop and mobile web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox), as well as Internet Explorer 11.

Network Configuration

Traction supports HTTPS secure communication, including support for optional or required X.509 client certificates.

Outgoing Email

TeamPage can send email when connected to mail servers via SMTP.

Incoming Email

TeamPage can read incoming email from mail servers using POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.

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