Title: Traction® TeamPage™ - System requirements

Traction® TeamPage™ and Traction® TeamPage™ Feed Reader products are pure Java standalone server applications that run on Windows, Linux, Solaris, or Mac OS X computers, as well as other machines for which a compatible Java VM is available (see below). There are no pre-requisites other than a supported operating system. After running the installer, Traction is easily set up and managed using its own web browser based administrative interface.

The software is packaged with a standalone interactive installer that can be downloaded from Traction's web site, and includes both the Traction software and a run-time edition of a compatible Java Virtual Machine for common architectures.

Solr or Attivio Search advanced search modules are installed separately from Traction TeamPage Server, have their own operating system requirements. They are generally installed on separate and dedicated server hardware. See Solr and Attivo System Requirements, below.

Recommended Server Hardware - Traction® TeamPage™ Free and Traction® Workgroup™ Configuration

Processor: Intel, AMD, Sun SPARC, or Macintosh (PowerPC G5 or Intel) computer 2Ghz (2 core minimum).
Disk space: 10GB free disk space (minimum). Recommended disk space, see below.
RAM: 2GB (minimum) 8GB or more recommended.

Recommended Server Hardware - Traction® TeamPage™ Server Configuration

Processor: Multiprocessor / multi-core 64-bit Intel, AMD, or Sun SPARC computer 2Ghz (2-core minimum, 8-core for heavily loaded systems)
Disk space: 10GB free disk space (minimum). Recommended disk space, see below.
RAM: 4GB (minimum) 16GB or more is strongly recommended and may be required for TeamPage Unlimited and large LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory configurations.

Traction® TeamPage™ products can be run on shared server hardware, but like all web server software, its responsiveness will be determined by the number of simultaneous users. Recommended configurations work well for workgroups of 500 or more users, depending on their usage pattern. TeamPage products make good use of multi-core and multi-processor configurations to provide responsive performance under highly variable load.

If Traction is run on shared server hardware, at least the recommended free RAM and sufficient processor resources should be available. We don't recommend hosting Traction on a server which is also hosting another CPU intensive database or web server application. Please contact TSI for specific guidance on use of shared or virtual machine Traction TeamPage configurations.

Estimating recommended disk space

Disk space minimum requirements are for Traction TeamPage software, online help, and a small TeamPage database (about 1000 pages / posts + image attachments). The operational minimum space for a Traction TeamPage deployment is roughly:

The minimum Traction TeamPage requirement, plus

Total number of pages / posts times average size of a page or post (typically 1KB to 10KB of text), plus

Space for all files posted as attachments or stored in Traction TeamPage web folders. File sizes typically range from 25KB to several MB range for office documents, pictures, .pdfs - and much more for video / audio files. In many cases, storage space for attachments is greater than that all for other storage requirements - depending on the customer use case.

We recommend at having at least 2x the estimated operational minimum disk space free to allow for efficient backup, operation, and maintenance of the Traction TeamPage installation.

Traction TeamPage Server Operating System

For all Traction TeamPage configurations, the server operating system must be capable of running the Java Virtual Machine configuration provided with the TeamPage installer or qualified for use by Traction Software.

64-bit computer hardware and operating systems are recommended for all Traction TeamPage configurations. Please contact TSI for configuration advice on Traction TeamPage Server configurations with unlimited Named Accounts.

Solr Search System Requirements

Solr Search runs best on its own dedicated computer 64-bit computer and operating system. Please see Solr System Requirements.

Attivio Search System Requirements

The Traction TeamPage Attivio Search option is server application which can be configured with combined or separate indexer and query engines to handle large data sets (stored on a Traction TeamPage server) and high volume use. Attivio runs best on its own dedicated computer 64-bit computer and operating system. The Attivio Search Module comes with its own installer. Please see Attivio Search System Requirements and contact TSI for Attivo configuration guidance and recommendations for specific Traction TeamPage deployments.

Web Browser

For optimal results, we recommend using the current production releases of the following Web browsers. Traction Software standard policy is to provide support for current and previous major releases for these browsers on rolling basis. Each time Traction Software announces TeamPage support for a new major browser version is released, we will supporting that version and stop supporting the third most recent version.

Almost all Web browsers can be used with specific Traction skins, such as the Simple skin, including:

Optional Client Software

Optional Client Requirements for Full WebDAV Support under Microsoft Windows

Network Configuration

Traction's web form interface allows an authorized person to configure the port(s) used to provide http and use email services, create projects and user accounts, and specify the permissions that users have in different projects.

Traction supports HTTPS secure communication, including support for optional or required X.509 client certificates.

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