Title: Putting a File Under Version Control

Placing a WebDAV enabled file under version control makes it easy to track when changes were made to a file and who made them. It also saves, and provides access to, prior versions of the file. Version tracking can be turned on in either the File Details view or when using the Document Management Interface, where the user interface incorporates these actions more directly.

Here is the version information display section in a File Details view for a WebDAV file that is not yet version controlled:

To enable version control for the file, simply click the "enable" button. As the note states, version control cannot be disabled for a file once it has been enabled. (You could delete the file and upload a new file with the same name; but this will delete the existing version history.)

Version Information Display

When a file is placed under version control, the version information will initially have only one version listed:

The initial version's check in date and time are the date and time it is placed under version control. Compare the initial version check in date and time for the example file above with its modification date and time in the general information section near the top of the File Details view:

When a file is checked out, information on the temporary working version is displayed in the version informations section. The working version is not given a version number, but instead is denoted with a plus sign (+). While the working version information is visible to all users -- not just the user who has checked out the file -- the options to check the file in or cancel the check out are visible and available only to the user who has checked out the file. (System administrators also are given option to cancel other users' check outs.)

When the new version is checked in, the working version information disappears and the new version's information is displayed:

Note: If version tracking has been turned on for a file, each time you change the file description a new version will be recorded.

For information on how new versions can be created, please see Checkout Checkin and Autoversioning.

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