Title: Filter Notifications Using Sections

When setting up defaults for Email Notifications at the server level or when defining this for an individual account in My Account / Preferences, Traction provides the option to use sections to filter notifications. See Sections Overview for more detailed information on section settings. By default, section filtering is active.

When the Use Default Sections checkbox is unchecked, a simplified Edit Section form will be shown to allow you to customize the sections used to help filter when you receive email notifications. Three sections are provided by default with only the Recent Articles section in an active state. You can either modify these sections or create new ones.

The Recent Articles section above will cause an email notification to be sent anytime a new article is created. Using the Filter By settings, you can further define the types of articles that trigger a notification.

Note that this setting is dependent on Subscribed Projects to define which projects are included in All Projects. Likewise, if you are only interested in receiving notifications on activity in a single project, you can remove all other projects in Subscribed Projects, which simplifies setting up sections in Subscription Queries, as you can have the sections apply to All Projects, when creating sections to trigger notifications on specific actions.

Tip: An alternative way to set up criteria for triggering email notifications is to use Advanced | Filter Notifications by Event Type. You should determine if the desired notifications will be more easily defined using event types before setting up filtering by sections. Turning on filtering by event type will take precedence over any section filters you set up.

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Date: December 30, 2008; 8:46:54 PM EST
Author Name: Paul Needham
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