Title: Configuring TeamPage to use Solr

In order to configure TeamPage to use Solr, you must download, install, and configure the Solr connector plug-in and then tell TeamPage to use Solr as the default search engine.

Download the Solr Connector Plug-in

Download the Solr connector plug-in:

Install the Solr Connector Plug-in

To install the plug-in:

1. Navigate to Server Setup > Plugins

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page

3. Under Install New Plugin, click the Choose File button and select the plug-in you downloaded

4. Click the Install button

5. Navigate to Server Setup > General and click Restart TeamPage

Configure the Solr Connector Plug-in

On the Server Setup > General > Search Settings page, click the Launch Solr Setup button:

This will launch the Solr Setup window.

Set Solr Enabled to yes and enter the IP or DNS address of your Solr server in the Solr Server Name input, then press Apply.

You should see the success message.


Problem Reason Solution

You see the message:

There was an unexpected problem configuring the Solr Search search engine: org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.HttpSolrClient$RemoteSolrException: Error from server at servername:8983/solr: Solr instance is not running in SolrCloud mode.. (Please review your log file for more information.)

The solr server was not started with the -cloud parameter. Stop solr with solr stop -all and then start with solr start -cloud.

Once you see the message Successfully configured the Solr Search engine, click the Index Administration tab to continue:

To begin feeding solr, click the Start button on the Index Administration tab:

Once indexing has begun and you see the Seachable count go above zero, you can proceed; you do not need to wait for indexing to complete to finish the configuration. Indexing is complete once the Complete column reaches 100%.

Once seachable is above zero, you can either press Close or simply tab back to the Search Settings window:

Confirm that Solr Search is selected as the Preferred External Search Engine.

Solr search is now configured, and searches invoked from the TeamPage interface will now be directed to the Solr search engine.

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