Title: Clubhouse - A social platform for live audio conversations

Clubhouse is a audio centric social media platform that has gotten a lot of buzz since it rolled out to invited folk early 2020. Think of it as a way for groups to create and share live audio podcasts (called Rooms) within Clubs. Clubs: allow people to establish social rules; name people as Administrators, Moderators, or Members. Rooms can be private to people explicitly invited (a 'Closed' or private room); open only to people who the Moderators of the Room Follow (a 'Social' Room); open to anyone on Clubhouse (an 'Open' room). A Club Member can be granted the right to create Rooms 'under the banner of the Club' which are open only to Club Members, or people invited by a Room Moderator. If you spend a little time tuning and tweaking, you'll end up with an audio feed of pod-cast like events that you can browse and listen to in the background - like talk radio - listening more carefully when something important or interesting is being said. Occasionally you'll stumble into something very interesting - possibly unique.

As of Feb 2021, Clubhouse requires an iPhone/iPad and an invitation from a current Clubhouse Member. [If you have an Android phone and an iPad you can register with your Android number, then download and use Clubhouse on an iPad, referencing the same phone number] You can also download and install the Clubhouse app to add your name to the waitlist. A Member with an unused Invitation can also invite you in - but Invitations are scarce and only granted to Members on an ad-hoc basis. You may also find yourself at the front of the queue if your name and phone number are listed in the contacts a Clubhouse member optionally shares with Clubhouse. This allows self-nomination of new members (you must still be approved by a Member). Clubhouse also uses this to also suggest people you already know who you might want to Follow or Invite to Clubhouse. I'd advise you to share your contacts when you start using Clubhouse. You can turn off Contact sharing later, and turn it on only when you want to allow Clubhouse to offer suggestions or check status of your contacts.

Although the iPhone/iPad App is written in English, Clubhouse is becoming a hot ticket in Japan, Korea, China and Europe. Rooms and Clubs with titles and descriptions written in non-English languages are your only clue that conversations in that Room are generally in that language. Clubhouse will be adding internationalization and UX support to allow you to declare the language you speak, and the languages spoken in a Room to enable automatic filtering.

Onboarding to Clubhouse can be confusing, since there's not a lot of formal documentation, and the service is changing all the time. There's also an unfortunately large number of snake-oil salesman and get rich quick artists who jumped into Clubhouse in order to promote themselves, sell ebooks, and generally scam the rubes.

Wow. Sounds like a nightmare https://t.co/0rkV44ZF4h

— Mathew Ingram (@mathewi) February 2, 2021

Clubhouse does have rules and procedures to swat down scammers, but until you give Clubhouse's filtering algorithms some hints to work with - by Following good people and Clubs (see below). You'll see a lot of dodgy rooms promising breakfasts with billionaires, instant instagram success, free money, free publicity - you know the drill. Ignore them, and swipe scammy Rooms left to hide them forever. The best Clubhouse onboarding advice is to join a ‘Welcome to Clubhouse’ room run by the Social Society Club, or Community Club, listen, and ask questions (see below).

Three Suggestions for Clubhouse Onboarding

Greg Lloyd's Clubhouse Tips

I joined Clubhouse as member 'grlloyd' on 1 Feb 2021 and may or may not have an invitation available, but if you email grl@tractionsoftware.com I'll to invite you when I have one free. If you're already in my personal email/phone address book, you may find yourself automatically at the front of the line, waiting for someone to approve you without needing to use an invitation.

New users - Follow Community Club, Social Society, and Talk Club; look for and listen to Social Society Welcome events - a good one in English generally starts at 7am EST every day and runs for a few hours. Jump in at any time.

See Clubhouse Guide for onboarding help; reference links; a brief explanation what pages of the Clubhouse app look like; what the buttons and controls look like and how they work.

About Profiles

About the Hallway

The Hallway is the initial List of Rooms created based on people and clubs you follow plus Clubhouse recommendations- follow wisely! Your Hallway may also include rooms based on Topics you choose. Your Hallway is based on the Clubhouse algorithm, which is under constant development.

Improving the quality of Hallway and Notifications

About Rooms

The Stage - A section at the top of Room that shows all Speakers

Room controls

Creating Rooms

About Clubs

About Events and Calendar

Clubhouse Notes

When I discover something particularly interesting about Clubhouse, I'll add a note as a grl space comment. You'll need to sign in to TeamPage to see these comments.

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