Title: Pale Fire: Vladimir Nabokov and Hypertext

I don't have time to link the many ways that Nabokov's exceptional (and funny) novel Pale Fire intersects and intertwingles with the history of hypertext, but have added a few links below. By all means listen to Nabokov himself in a humorous and engaging grl5528: Vladimir Nabokov: Reading from Pale Fire, and then read Pale Fire yourself. Warning: To read it in the prescribed method (see foreward) will require eight numbered bookmarks. When I tried Pale Fire as late night reading as an undergraduate I was wide awake again by the time I got the bookmarks in place. Bob Munck claimed he never finished Pale Fire because he kept getting hung up in a loop. Pale Fire cover is from the new Vintage books new edition of all Nabokov's novels. For online reading, see this nicely linked hypertext Pale Fire edition by UC San Diego student Shannon Chamberlain.

grl3153.028: Hypertext Editing System - Four Questions from AvD

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