Title: Mysterious Glitches - Hypertext Editing System (HES)

If the user experiences difficulties such as causing the bombout message to appear on the screen ("THIS PROGRAM WORKS, BUT SOME PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT..."), or getting locked out while both the alphanumeric keyboard and the /360 are ok, he should have the system reloaded and try again (in the case of the bombout message, pressing CANCEL or RETURN may suffice).

Occasionally we have found that when totally inexplicable things are happening, re-IPLING magically cures them. Particularly in a multi-programmed environment such strange thing do occasionally happen, and are seldom repeatable - grin and bear it, remembering that genuine bugs are usually repeatable. If the situation can be made to repeat itself, describe it, and send us a dump.

A Manual for the Edit Phase of the Hypertext Editing System for the IBM System/360 Model 50
Andries van Dam
Center for Computer & Information Sciences
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
File Number HES360-0
Form AVD-6901-0
21 January 1969
Page 9

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