Title: First Banner Ad - October 1968, Hypertext Editing System (HES)

3.4 Leave Function ... 1) COPY - This allows the user to save all his work on disk but does not end the session. The work data set which he has been editing overwrites (replaces) his permanent data set on disk.

The program returns to the page in the work data set from which the COPY function was activated. Frequent COPYing is desireable -- if the /360 gets clobbered, all the work done since the last COPY is lost. (We suggest using COPY every 10 to 15 minutes, or while the user is scratching his head wondering what to do next -- COPYing takes less than 20 seconds for medium sized data sets).

While the COPYing is taking place, a message ("THIS SPACE AND TIME FOR RENT") will appear.

A Manual for the Edit Phase of the Hypertext Editing System for the IBM System/360 Model 50
Andries van Dam
Center for Computer & Information Sciences
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
File Number HES360-0
Form AVD-6901-0
21 January 1969
Page 8

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