Title: Traction Change Log

Updates included in Traction Release

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Feature Changes
When displaying a user's permissions to that user, only list projects to which the user has more than just Access permission. When displaying to server administrators, all projects with Access permission only are also listed. This makes the set of projects displayed to users the same as it would have been before the introduction of the Access permission.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug in our WebDAV implementation that could cause attachments to be lost during article submission i the description of the attachment contained an & character, and made a change so that error in recording the attachment description do not cause the loss of the attachment.
In 3.6.5 a problem was introduced in journal setup, when launching the user directory edit view, where opening the user directory edit window would cause the interface for creating users to be shown at the wrong time. This might lead to accidentally creating invalid journals that use Traction's built-in user directory.
In some Active Directory configurations we discovered that login did not work after the upgrade to 3.6.5. With auth debugging turned on, an error was reported that indicated "A duplicate name exists on the network." We recommended that customers who encountered this problem use a different hostname for the same Active Directory server, or use the Active Directory server's IP address. We have introduced a workaround in code to avoid this problem. Note: WINS and numeric IP addresses worked correctly; DNS addresses did not work correctly. Both should now now work correctly.
Fixed issue where changes in the transformer edit window didn't update the state of the apply and reset buttons on the transformer setup page.
Fixed possible problem with the project selector in the Ocean and Earth skins in preview releases of Firefox 1.5 on Macintosh OS X by changing regular expression syntax. We now double-escape \ characters in the regular expression.
Fixed issue where custom mail filter configurations could be cleared when applying other changes in project mailbox setup.
When very low level IO errors happen during article post, for example when the Journal is on an unavailable network drive, report the IO error to the user rather than a NullPointerException.
Prevented error when submitting a new entry with no project specified from the simple skin, e.g. when launching the new article form from the front page and not selecting a project.
API Changes
In the WebdavFileRef interface, we have removed the proppatch(Map map) method. People relying on this API should switch to using the proppatch(String name, String value) method.
Added sections providing in-depth descriptions of Visitor and Everyone.
Known Issues

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Date: November 30, 2005; 6:42:21 PM EST
Author Name: Christopher Nuzum
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