Title: Flex Task and Event Details plug-in

The details table that displays the priority, the due date, the event start and end date times, the invitees etc. in 2 columns. (Technically, the number of the columns is 4 since there are the label and value columns for each item.)

The columns get separated from each other in a wide window and that made me feel like using the space and pushing them into 3 columns.

On the other hand, I wanted to make it 1 column on a narrow screen like my phone.

This is why I created this plug-in.


Click the link below to download the zip file of this plug-in.

Upload the zip file in Server Settings > Plugins page.

After uploading, you will see the following I18N ERROR. Don't worry. This error means "you need to restart TeamPage server to load the I18N resources (language files)."

I18N Error

Click [Restart TeamPage] in Server Settings > General > Manage Server page. If your TeamPage server is hosted in Traction's cloud environment, you will need to restart your server twice to load the I18N resources correctly.

After restarting, you will see that the plugin's name "Flex Task and Event Details" shows up correctly.

Plugin installed


You see the icons before the label descriptions. They make it look nicer.

3 columns: In a wide window

2 columns: In a medium-width window

1 column: In a narrow window

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Date: March 4, 2020; 2:48:16 AM EST
Author Name: Takashi Okutsu
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