Title: Calendar Holidays and Weekends plug-in

This plug-in allows administrators to color Saturdays' background blue, Sundays' background red, and add holiday definition entries to make it easy to distinguish these dates on calendars.

Update Note (Nov 27 2018) : This plug-in was integrated into Forum6901: FullCalendar plug-in version 1.0.25. If the version of your FullCalendar plug-in is 1.0.25 or higher, you don't have to install this plug-in anymore. If so, please deactivate this plug-in by turning off the checkbox of this plug-in in Server Settings > Plugins page or uninstall it.

Calendar Example


Click the link below to download the .zip file of this plug-in.

Note: Version 1.0.2 is for TeamPage 6.2.x.

Log in to your TeamPage server and open Server Settings > Plugins. Select the .zip file and upload it.

After upload, you will see the I18N error, but don't worry. This error means just the language files (locale files) have not loaded yet.

i18n error

Open Server Settings > General > Manage Server page and click "Restart TeamPage" button so that TeamPage server loads the language files.

If your TeamPage is hosted in Traction's cloud environment, you will be need to restart twice.

Then open Server Settings > Plugins page again to find "Sales Revenue Form" plug-in is available.

Install Completed


Plug-in Configurations

Click [Configure] link to open the configuration view.


Show Holiday Names

If yes, the names of the holidays will be displayed in the top of the inside of the calendar cells.

Note that the entry should be posted in a space where everyone has the read permission.

Tag Prefix for Holiday Definition Entries

This plug-in finds the special entry which describes the list of the holidays by using the tag which includes the prefix specified here. The format of the tag shluld be "PrefixName:Year", e.g. "holidays:2017".

Color Sundays Red and Saturdays Blue

If yes, Sundays will be colored in red (pink) and Saturdyas in light-blue.

Holiday Entries

Post the "Holiday Definition" entries with the following format.

Calendar Holiday Definition Entry

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