Title: User Group Definition plug-in

This plugin provides special form and entries to define groups of users. Currently, Forum6451: Multiple User Calendars plug-in uses this plugin to let you select a group. We may use this plugin with other plugins in the future.


Click the link below to download the zip file of this plugin.

Open Server Settings > Plugins page and upload the zip file.

After uploading, restart your TeamPage server by clicking [Restart TeamPage] button in Server Settings > General > Manage Server page.

If your TeamPage server is hosted in Traction's Cloud environment, you have to restart your server twice.

How to use

Show Tab

Check "Profile Space" in Server Settings > Spaces > Special Spaces page. The People space should be selected as default but you may have selected another space.

The "Profile Space" is selected in the User Group Editor Form as default and you may post a User Group Definition article into this space.

So, I recommend to show "Groups" tab in the Profile Space.

Open Space Settings > Settings > Display page and find "Proteus Space Tabs" setting. Move "Group" option to the "Selected" area in the right and click [Apply] button.

Now you will see "Groups" tab in your Profile Space.

Post a User Group Definition article

Click [Add New People Group] button to launch the editor form.

Fill-in the name of this group and select users. You can add descriptions, photos, and additional tags.

After submission, you will see the article like this.

If Multiple User Calendar plugin is installed, you will see [Open Calendar of This Group] button.

If you click the button, you will see the following multi-calendars view. You can overview the schedules of each member of the group, select a group, select the number of weeks, and add a new task and event.

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