Title: Default Time Slice

This preference allows a user to set their default time slice. In Traction, the term "time slice" refers to the starting and ending dates of for the range of time from which content is presented on a given page.

Time slice may be changed using a Navigating with the Rapid Selector, or by navigating with the calendar controls in most standard skins.

Changing time slice using the rapid selector.

Changing time slice using the calendar.

The default time slice refers to the time slice that is used when a user has not navigated into a specific time slice.

It is very common to set the default time slice to All Time so that content doesn't disappear at the end of a month, quarter, or other interval. Traction beginners often find this more intuitive.

Note: This preference used to be set on a per project basis. As of version 3.7, this is a user preference.

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