Title: Configuring Multiple LDAP or Active Directory Servers

In some cases it might be necessary to check multiple LDAP or Active Directory servers to locate and authenticate all of the users. As some searches will require looking in all of the LDAP servers, where possible you should consolidate the users into a single directory or rely on replication capabilities provided by your directory.

Using the Additional Settings field in the Advanced Settings section of the configuration, add the following settings for additional directories. Do not repeat the original configuration here, just add additional ones.

# Server






# Login




For each additional server, increment the number of the prefix (ldap1_server= ...). If any value is unspecified, it will default to the value provided with the ldap_ prefix. For example, if ldap_authentication=simple and ldap0_authentication= is not specified, ldap0 will use simple authentication.

It might help to look at the generated configuration file. To open the generated file, click the link in the upper left portion of the configuration dialog, below the title of the configuration.

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