Title: Choosing Users

To assign permissions to a user, click the Add User button.

This will pop the lookup window.

You can type a few characters of the name, email address, or username of the person you are looking for and press the lookup button to return a list of all matching users.

If you press the lookup button without typing anything, Traction will warn you that it is going to return a list of all users in your directory:

We recommend only pressing OK at this point only if you have fewer than a thousand entries in your directory server. Pressing OK on very large servers may make your browser unresponsive.

The results of a lookup are listed in a pop-up window. Users with a Traction profile are listed first, followed by users defined in an external directory server.

Click the name of the user you wish to add and press the OK button. The New User ACL Entry dialog will now show the user you selected.

When you press OK, the user will be listed in the Access Control List:

Note that Visitor is also listed as a special user. To define permissions for Visitor, select the Visitor radio button and click OK.

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