Title: Visibility

Determining the Visibility of an Article

The Visibility window shows who can read an article. The visibility of an article is governed by four factors:

The article below is posted to the Executive project. However, it has an FYI label from the Engineering project. The Visibility link appears in the article tools in the right column of the single-article view.

Clicking this link opens the Visibility window for the article. You can see that user named admin can read this article based on their permission to the Executive project. Because the article is cross-labeled to the Engineering project, you can see that Visitor can also read the article based on their ability to read the Engineering project.

Hiding and Showing Duplicates

If a user has read permissions in more than one project appearing in the Visibility window, the user is normally listed only once, in the first place that grants that user visibility. If you wish to show all places a user is listed, you can click the Show Duplicates link.

Hiding Duplicates (Default)

Showing Duplicates

Getting Additional Information About a User

Each user listed contains a link to a user details window. For example, clicking admin:

Launches the info page for the Admin user. From this page, Server administrators can link to the setup view for the user.

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