Title: Setting Permissions

You can set permissions for any user or group by selecting the user and clicking the checkbox in the Allow column next to the permission you wish to grant, or in the deny column for permissions you wish to deny.

Important! This Access Control List does not go into effect until you press the Apply button. You can edit as many settings as you like before pressing Apply.

Setting Administer Server Permissions

During initial setup, you should define who you want to be allowed to administer your server.

Go ahead and click the Administer Server checkbox underneath your account or group and any others you find appropriate.

We highly recommend when getting started that you give yourself all permissions. To do this, add a user entry for yourself, then click the word Allow. When you click Allow (or deny), all the checkboxes in the corresponding column are toggled between being checked and unchecked.

You can now continue defining permissions as necessary to let you get started using Traction. See Using the Server ACL Editor Intro for an description of the server permissions. You can return to the ACL editor at any time as necessary.

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