Title: Setting Login Permissions

About Login Permissions

In a new journal, a default set of permissions is defined. Depending on the User Directory you selected, you may have a single account designated as a member of the Server Administrator's group, or the group Everyone may be listed as a Server Administrator.

This section explains how to limit login permission to only specific users or groups.

Who should I let log in?


One important question is whether you want unauthenticated users to be allowed to see content marked visible to Visitor in your Traction journal. If so, you should allow Visitor to login. If you do not want unauthenticated users or robots (like search engines) accessing your journal at all (i.e. you want everyone to have to log in with his, her, or its own profile) you can deny Visitor login.

Members of which LDAP or Active Directory Groups

If you are connected to an external directory, there may be many more people in that directory than you have purchased Traction licenses for. If more people log in (and get Traction profiles) than your license allows for, your server will go into a read-only state until you deactivate enough accounts to bring it down to the limit (or purchase additional accounts). The Login permission lets you control the users for whom named accounts should be created. Others can access Traction as Visitor, if you allow it.


If you are using Traction's built-in directory, you may find it most convenient to just allow Everyone to log in (denying Visitor if you like).

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