Title: Changing Skins

Changing Skins

Changing Skins

You can quickly change the skin selected in your web browser by typing:

/skin skinname

Into the Search box. Replace skinname with the skin you desire. The following example changes to the modern skin:

You can switch back to your login default skin by typing /skin default

Changing your Default Skin

See the Skin Preference help topic.

Are you stuck in a skin?

Some skins (e.g. search, mbox) are not designed to be used with interactive web browsers. If you specify one of these skins using the Rapid Selector, you can get out in one of two ways:

  1. Clear cookies in your browser. This "nuclear option" will remove all preference settings.
  2. Add the following text to the URL of any view you are looking at in Traction: &skin=default
    This will cause the next page generated to be in your default skin. When that page displays, enter

    /skin default

    into the search box and press the search button to reset your cookie.
  3. Go to teampage.traction…
    (using your TeamPage server's URL followed by /rs/skin%20default)

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