Title: Server Log information

The traction.log file stored in the logs directory keeps a record of the server's activities and any errors encountered. You can inspect this file using the Log File Viewer by clicking the View button. To learn more about the Log File Viewer, see the section Troubleshooting Using the Log File Viewer.

To turn on logging, click the enable logging checkbox and press Apply.

You can also archive the current copy of the logfile with a different filename. Clicking the Archive button saves the file with the name specified, followed by the date (YYYYMMDD), followed by the next available number for an archived file for that day's date. You can download the current logfile or any of the archived log files by right-clicking the filename and using the browser's Save As function.

You can also browse the set of files in the logs directory by clicking the browse link.

This takes you to a Directory Listings and File Details using the Common File Interface view of the logs directory.

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