Title: Maximum Heap Size

When Restart is Enabled

You can control the maximum of memory to allow the Traction server to take up. For version 4.1, we recommend that you set this to 1500MB for 32-bit systems and 3000MB for 64-bit systems.

When Restart is Not Enabled

If you do not use a restartable version of Traction (for example, if you run TractionNoRestart.exe) you should still set the maximum heap size here to match the memory allocation passed in the .lax file used to launch Traction. For example, if you use the TractionNoRestart.exe to launch Traction, your TractionNoRestart.lax will include a line like:

In this case, you should still set the Maximum Heap Size setting to 768, in order to have the Memory Cleanup Threshold computed correctly. Failing to do this may lead to exhaustion of memory resources.

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