Title: Cloud Hosting Terms

Traction® Software deploys and manages a Traction® TeamPage instance on your behalf using Cloud services managed by Traction Software for TeamPage and optional Advanced Search services provided for your use. Backup is provided as a Traction Software managed service. Traction Software will install new TeamPage releases and patches on your behalf.

By accepting these Cloud hosted terms, you accept and agree to be bound by the Traction Software's standard License Agreement terms and conditions incorporated here by reference, see Traction Software License Agreement.

The price for licensed use of TeamPage Software, Advanced Search, other quoted options, cloud hosting, daily backup, software maintenance and updates is included in the quoted fee for the subscription term you select. You may upgrade your TeamPage configuration at any time, with the pro-rata price of the unused portion of your current subscription applied to the price of your upgraded subscription.

Monthly, quarterly or annual subscription payments for your TeamPage license and cloud hosting are due on the billing date of your subscription to purchase hosted service for the following month, quarter, or annual period.

Monthly subscriptions require a valid credit card account, or other such terms for automatic monthly payment as may be specified by mutual written agreement. You agree to make or authorize automatic monthly payments on or after the billing date of your subscription unless Traction Software is notified at least five business days before your billing date.

Quarterly or annual subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled by written or email notification sent to Traction Software no less than 30 days before the renewal date.

If subscription payments are not received within a 15 day grace period following the due date, Traction Software reserves the right to suspend your service, or limit it to read-only access.

Customer may opt to run with Transport Layer Security (TLS) aka encryption for content and login encryption using a URL of the form hostname.tractiondomain, where tractiondomain is a domain name that is managed and offered by Traction Software. Customer may choose a hostname that is not currently in use. Customers who wish to use their own Customdomain.com need to purchase the Dedicated Cloud Instance option.

Storage allocation is as stated in the purchase description. The amount of storage you purchase is used for storage of your TeamPage cloud hosted data, that is: your TeamPage Journal, file attachments you upload, and files you upload to shared TeamPage folders. Storage for backups, TeamPage software and operating system software is covered by your hosting fee and is not include in the storage allocation you purchase. If your actual Storage use exceeds the amount of storage you purchase, overage will be charged at $0.50 per GB Per Month, Billed Quarterly in arrears.

"Bandwidth" allocation is 100GB total outbound content transfer per month. This includes the bandwidth required to download files stored as TeamPage attachments or in TeamPage folders. If monthly bandwidth exceeds 100GB, overage will be charged at $0.12 per GB per Month, Billed Quarterly in arrears.

After your hosting subscription expires or has been suspended, you may request Traction Software to package and deliverer a copy of all of your cloud-hosted TeamPage data for a $250 fee.

If you do not exercise this option to download and receive a copy of your cloud-hosted TeamPage data within 60 days, or if any payment to Traction Software is past due more than 120 days, Traction Software reserves the right at its sole discretion to permanently delete all stored data and configuration information associated with your subscription.

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