Title: Installing Traction TeamPage Upgrades

The Traction installer is designed to perform both fresh installs and upgrades using the same installation procedure.

The upgrade will not overwrite your existing journals or configuration files that you have added.

Generally upgrades can be performed in about 5 minutes.

To upgrade an existing Traction installation, you will repeat the identical steps you used to perform the original install, selecting the same location into which to install.

- Installing on the Macintosh - Installing Traction on Windows - Installing on Linux and Solaris

In order to prepare for and execute the upgrade process, follow these steps:

1. Download the current version of the correct installer for your server platform from download.traction….

2. Shut down TeamPage by stopping the service or by clicking Shut Down Traction in Server Setup | General.

3. Run the Installer, specifying the same location as the original installation, e.g. c:\Program Files\Traction as the installation location. On Windows you should always reinstall the service during each upgrade as well.

4. Start the Traction server in the normal manner (unless you selected the installer option to let the Service run automatically when installation is complete.)

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