Title: Traction® TeamPage Documentation Wiki

Welcome to the Traction® TeamPage Documentation Wiki. If you're looking for reference pages for TeamPage features and detailed descriptions of Traction TeamPage capabilities this is the right place.

For an expanding outline of TeamPage documentation, please see the Contents page and click any topic you want to explore.

TeamPage iOS App: See the TeamPage iOS Application page, or download the free TeamPage App from the Apple store.

Training Decks and Videos: If you're just starting to use Traction TeamPage and want to watch videos on TeamPage Features and page through training decks, please see TeamPage Training Decks and Videos You don't need to register to see these videos.

Release Notes: See Changelog for a description of Traction TeamPage releases. You'll need to register to download software updates or get a free TeamPage license.

Plug-ins: See Plug-ins for a description of publically release TeamPage plug-ins. For access to TeamPage Forums, please register for a free account.

Free Account. To register for a free account on this TeamPage server, please click here. Other helpful information available after you sign in can be found in the Customer, Forum, SDK, and SDK Forum spaces.

TeamPage software, updates, and Free TeamPage license: After you've registered and signed in, please click the Home icon to download your free TeamPage license and software.

Hardware and Software Requirements: To review the hardware and software requirements and recommendations for running Traction TeamPage, please see TeamPage System Requirements.

Traction Software license agreements, Cloud hosting, support server terms of use, and privacy policy: See License Agreements

Traction® Software, Inc: For information on Traction Software Inc including customer stories, company background, our public blog, reviews, price list and purchasing information please see TractionSoftware.com.

Traction® is a registered trademark and TeamPage™ is a trademark of Traction® Software Inc.

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