Title: TeamPage 6.2.61

TeamPage 6.2.61 is focused on a small number of bug fixes. This includes a fix for the "Enable Incoming Email" server setting, a Kanban new card creation view navigation issue, and one rare issue that could cause TeamPage to become unable to serve further incoming requests. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Bug Fixes

Setup and Administration

• Fixed a regression introduced in a recent version that caused changes to the "Enable Incoming Email" checkbox appearing under server settings > Email > Incoming Mail (IMAP/POP3) > Basic to save the wrong value, enabling mailbox reading when the checkbox was unchecked and disabling it when the checkbox was checked. (Server99497)

• Fixed a bug that prevented failures from being correctly reported in the user directory settings Test dialog. Such failures would simply cause the request progress indicator animation to stop, and no message to be displayed; and the page would have to be reloaded to attempt the same sort of test. Messages related to test failures in both authentication and user and/or group lookups are now be correctly reported when applicable. (Server99452)

• Fixed a bug that prevented using TeamPage's built-in file inspector to review log files when the TeamPage server was running without a current journal data set. (Server99451)


• Fixed a bug affecting the calendar view when using the FullCalendar plug-in which could, in some situations, cause tasks dragged and dropped from one date to another not to have the correct date modification set, in which case the task would appear to be due one day off from the desired due date. (JPBO38020)

Signature Requirements

• Fixed the link for the "Requirement" column on the User Profile > Signatures pages so that it links to the individual requirement entry, rather than linking back to the same page with an unsupported drill-down filter query parameter added to the URL. (Naturally, since requirements only ever appear in those pages at most once for a given user, there is no need to support "drilling down" on that column.) (Proteus17661)


• Fixed a bug affecting the Project > Kanban page for Projects that have only Kanban Board, which caused the creation of a new card to navigate to a single entry view of the newly created entry rather than updating the board. (Server99337 / JPBO38294)


• Fixed a rare bug related to TeamPage's background task management that could cause too many threads of execution to be spawned, exhausting resources and preventing further incoming requests from being properly serviced, with the result that the server would appear to be unresponsive. (Server99500)

• Fixed a very minor bug that could, in certain cases, cause a diagnostic message to be printed to TeamPage's log files that spuriously indicated security check failure when a new websocket connection was being created. (Server99461)

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Date: January 13, 2023; 1:47:40 PM EST

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