Title: TeamPage 6.2.57

TeamPage 6.2.57 is focused on bug fixes and other improvements, including new journal creation, calendaring, and integration with Microsoft Azure AD. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Bug Fixes

New Journal Creation

• Fixed a regression introduced in TeamPage 6.2.56 that could prevent a new journal from being created. (JPBO35877)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent the details for a newly created journal from being displayed completely in the confirmation page following journal creation. The journal was created successfully, but an error message would appear in the confirmation page. (Server98886)

Setup / Administration

• Fixed a bug related to migration to a new user directory configuration. In some cases, if not all user accounts were migrated so that they no longer referred to security principals associated with the old user directory, some admin operations, such as the manual creation of new user accounts or enumerating existing user accounts, might not work properly. This is only known to have been a problem when the old user directory was using a configuration connecting it to a Virtual Directory Server, with users' authoritative LDAP names (DNs) used to bind TeamPage accounts to the users' security principals. (Server98867)

• Fixed a minor bug that caused a space's name to be duplicated in the built-in space "Invited" groups' display names. (Server98815)

• Fixed the misleading heading text displayed when the Test SMTP feature indicates a failure condition. Previously, this text always indicated that the SMTP server address had not been specified, even when that was not the case. (Server98805)

• Fixed a minor issue that prevented the loading/request-in-progress indicator image Loading... from appearing as expected when an administrator clicked the "Lookup" button available in a Modify Principal / Migrate Principals page to look up a user in an external identity service. The lack of this image could be confusing, since there was no other visual indicator that the requested lookup was being performed. (Server98828)


• Fixed a bug that could cause an unnecessary duplicate request to be made to retrieve the initial file list for a Documents view. (Proteus17395)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent an email notifications from being sent when a new file was created. (Server98753)

• Fixed a regression introduced in a recent version of TeamPage that could, in some cases, prevent a folder listing from being displayed on the Documents tab. (Server98754)

• Fixed a bug that caused the URLs used for folder links to be redundantly URL encoded. The URLs are now correctly URL encoded only once. (Proteus17458)

• Fixed a bug that could, in some cases, cause an erroneous file overwrite confirmation prompt to appear even if there was no file with the same name in the target folder. (Proteus17559)


• Fixed an issue that could cause a requesting user to be offered the option to edit entries on the calendar even if they did not have permission to do so. (The edit operation would not be allowed, but the option should not be presented.) (JPBO35801)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the requesting user's preferred time zone from being correctly taken into account when moving items around on the calendar to change their dates or times. (JPBO35460)

• Fixed a bug that could, in some rare cases, prevent events from being retrieved to be displayed on certain calendar views. (Server98755)

• Fixed a style issue that caused some events spanning multiple days to appear to be scoped to a single day. (JPBO35802)

Section Tables

• Fixed the links that appear in Section Table "Tags" columns so that they will filter the current section table view rather than navigating to a view of all entries with the tag the user clicked. (Proteus17514: sectiontable entry field rendering for "tags" should drill down, not navigate to tag view)


• Restored some missing l10n resources for some user profile sections. The internationalized titles for the default user profile sections will now no longer display an i18n error message. (Server98735)

Project Management

• Fixed a bug that prevented the correct filter from being applied to a Project or Milestone > Related Articles section and/or page. These results now correctly include only related articles, and not related tasks and other special types of entries that have their own sections and/or pages. (Proteus17544)


• Fixed a bug that prevented the summary of changes to task assignees, event invitees and other users lists that appears in a Feed view to fail to correctly reflect the difference between the two versions. (Proteus17517)

• Updated the version of the Google Guava library used by TeamPage from version 26 to version 31.1. Version 26 was subject to one known vulnerability (see CVE-2020-8908). (Server94009)


Azure AD Connector Plug-in

• Added settings to the Azure AD user directory configurator to allow administrators to elect whether to use either the sAMAccountName or onPremisesSamAccountName attributes for user lookups. Either or both of these attributes can now be part of the lookup search filter, along with the other attributes for last name, first name and email addresses. (The userPrincipalName attribute is also matched for user lookups in the context of user principal migration.) This can be critical for migrating from a classic ActiveDirectory deployment to an Azure AD deployment, because the TeamPage user account names would generally have come from the AD sAMAccountName user attribute, and after users are synched from AD using Azure AD Connect, the sAMAccountName AD user attribute will generally be mapped to the onPremisesSamAccountName user attribute, allowing the user accounts to be found during the principal migration phase when switching from AD to Azure AD in TeamPage. (Server98810)


• Added a loading indicator to Documents views so that users can tell when a file list is being retrieved or updated. (Proteus17421)

Project Management

• Modified the Copy Project plug-in so that a newly copied project entry will be the same special type of project entry, if any, as the source project. Previously, even if the project being copied were a special type of project entry, the resulting copy would always be an ordinary project entry. (Proteus17549)

For Developers

• Added support to the db.entries tag for previous-chunk-last-result-ID chunk offsets for cases where chunking is supported. This requires no special code changes to use, and will be used in place of the count-based offset behavior whenever possible. The advantage of using this approach is that if new entries are added to the result set between the time one chunk of results is loaded and the next chunk is requested, the next chunk will still start from the correct next result. Developers may specify applyPreviousChunkLastResultId=false on the db.entries tag to disable this behavior. This also opens the door to possible further optimizations of SQL queries used for chunked requests in customizations (Server98804)

• Modified the internal EntrySourceFormFactory and EntrySource APIs to support more flexible ways of determining the desired EntryClass to be applied to an entry being created or edited. This can be important in certain cases, e.g., if the EntryClass has to be dynamically determined based on some parameter, rather than hard-coded in the DataSource-specific portion of the FormFactory configuration. (Proteus17547)

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