Title: TeamPage 6.2.56

This release includes security updates, many bug fixes and performance improvements, particularly related to Documents views and other places where file listings appear. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Security Updates

• The version of the jQuery JavaScript library that TeamPage uses has been updated to version 3.6.0. This resolves potential security vulnerabilities as described in the following NVD entries:

Bug Fixes

Groups and ACLs Permissions Management

• Fixed a regression introduced in TeamPage 6.2.54 that could prevent the effects of changes to nested group members from immediately taking effect. (Server98661)

Signature Requirements module

• Fixed a bug that could cause the summary of signatures collected versus the total signatures required to be displayed as "0/0". (Proteus17390)

• Fixed a bug that prevented summary information from being displayed for signature requirements that don't have due dates. (Proteus17429)

Email Ingestion

• Fixed a bug that could cause the subject of an email message to be treated as HTML instead of plain text. (The markup would still be sanitized, but the subject of an email message is always supposed to be treated as text.) (Server98483)

• Fixed a bug that could cause the contents of plain text email messages not to be properly HTML entity-encoded. This encoding is required since the contents of such messages are plain text, but the contents of TeamPage entries must be HTML. (Server98474)

Social Enterprise Web

• Fixed some issues with the layout and style of the Task form in TeamPage's suite of forms for sharing web pages and other external resources. (Proteus17361)


• Fixed a minor internationalization problem with the "Principal Metadata Collection Manager" setting label and description under server settings > General > Customizations. (Server98222)


• Fixed a bug that could prevent form fields that offer completion against projects and milestones not to show all applicable options if the requesting user's preferred default time slice is not "All Time". (Server95927)

• Fixed a bug that could, in special circumstances, have caused requested changes to an ordered list's order information to be lost if multiple users attempted to perform certain list order change operations at the same time. (Proteus17318)

• Fixed a bug that caused TeamPage to continue to keep attempting to reconnect a websocket connection that had already been successfully reconnected. (Proteus17305)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the Edit button from appearing in each row of a section table representing an entry the requesting user can edit when the section table appears in the context of a space dashboard or all spaces dashboard. (Server98284)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the diff view of a milestone entry from displaying modifications to its due date. (Proteus17324)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the summary of changes for an update to a task entry from displayed in "feed" volume from including a representation of changes to the Estimate and Time Spent fields. (Proteus17375)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the "Contributors" field from working properly in a section table. (Server98442)

• Fixed a bug that could cause the title of an ingested RSS or Atom feed item to be treated as HTML instead of plain text. (The markup would still be sanitized, but the title of a feed item is supposed to be treated as text.) (Server98481)

• Fixed a bug that caused "@" mentions to be treated as case sensitive text. "@" mentions are now case insensitive -- e.g., "Mention of user 13044 (as: Bob)" is handled the same as "Mention of user 13044 (as: bob)". (Server98499)

• Fixed a bug that could cause certain form fields, such as the task "Estimate" field, not to accept certain user input in Google Chrome. (Proteus14533)

• Fixed a bug that could, in some cases, cause the wrong HTML to be used for an entry's title when a user designates a page name as the title name for the entry. (Proteus17449)

• Fixed a minor bug that caused TeamPage to try to display a checkbox for toggling the to do / done state of an entry in some contexts in which it didn't belong. The issue was fairly harmless, but could cause a warning to appear in the server's log file. (Proteus17431)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent a page from being displayed properly in certain cases due to certain invalid parameter values being present in a request URL or form payload. The user would see the error message
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "1*1-1"
The parameter values that cause this issue are now generated and validated differently, and this issue should no longer occur. (Server98387)

• Fixed a layout issue with the status updates appearing in the user profile menu that could cause the contents of the status update entries to overflow and escape the profile menu panel. (Proteus17470)

• Fixed a minor layout issue that made it more difficult to read a very long title of an entry as it appears in the live Notifications menu panel. (Proteus17297)

• Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate results to be returned in type-ahead completions offering completions against page names. (Server98566)

• Fixed a bug that could, in certain TeamPage server configurations, prevent saved export output templates from being properly deleted. (Server98530)

• Fixed some layout issues in Microsoft Edge related to differences between the older and now obsoleted non-Chromium based versions and the newer Chromium based versions. (Proteus17258)

• Fixed a bug that could, in rare circumstances, cause the invalid search expression ( NOT) to prevent a page from being generated instead of simply being flagged as an invalid search expression. (Server97653)


Documents Views

Extensive changes have been made to improve the performance of TeamPage's Documents views, and other contexts where files are listed.

• The generation of the JSON payloads TeamPage sends to the client in response to a request for the data required to display a file listing has been greatly sped up. (Proteus17406)

• Reduced the amount of data TeamPage sends to the client in response to a request for the data required to display a file listing. (Proteus17396)

• Greatly improved the performance of any filters applied to file listings, such as regular expressions or glob matching expressions (e.g., "*.doc"). (Proteus17397)

• Greatly improved the performance of a request that has to be made to TeamPage when a user attempts to upload one or more files to offer the user a chance to confirm whether they wish to overwrite any files with the same names as any of those being uploaded. (Proteus17357)

• Greatly improved the performance of the folder chooser dialog presented to the user when they choose one or more files and folders and click the "Move" button in a file listing view. (Proteus17401)

• The Quick File Name Search plug-in (com.traction.extsearch.quickfilenamesearch) has been modified to use a different query which will give more complete results, including matches on partial file names. (Proteus17356)

External Search Engine Indexing

• TeamPage now has a space setting for whether to index metadata only for the contents of space share folders. This could be useful for spaces in which users are adding large numbers of files to the share folder but don't need to be able to get search hits or use filters based on the contents of those files (e.g., only file name, file type, etc.). (Server98322)

• If an administrator starts and then later cancels a "Verify" process, TeamPage will now gradually clear the backlog of documents that were moved to the "Needs Verify" status, if any remain. Previously, the only way to clear such a backlog would be to run another "Verify" operation. (Server98308)

• Improved the way TeamPage tracks batches of documents that have been dispatched to an external search engine for indexing so that the batches are still displayed in the search index administration dialog even if the settings for the search engine are adjusted. Previously, those batches would continue to be tracked and handled properly, but would no longer be displayed in the search index administration dialog. (Server98299)


TeamPage's FullCalendar plug-in, which uses the FullCalendar JavaScript library, has now been updated to use the latest 5.x version of that library. The appearance has been updated, and some additional capabilities, such as the option to view events from multiple users' calendars at once, have been added.


• Sections now support an "Events" section type to show all matching event entries. This new type of section supports being sorted chronologically by the start date/time of the event. (Server84828)

• Sections can now be sorted by the date of the most recent visible version of entries. (Server98445)

Mobile Browser Support

• Modified the markup generated for mobile browsers to make the width of the page more in line with "mobile responsive" site behaviors. (Proteus17500)

• Google Chrome for Android is now properly supported as a mobile browser, including support for correct proportions of the view port and certain other browser-specific behaviors. (Proteus17480)


• Modified the email articles feature so that the supplied subject is always treated as plain text, and never as HTML markup. Although in the case the "Log message content" option is selected, the subject would become the title of a TeamPage entry, which can contain HTML, email subjects must be plain text. (Server98484)

• Improved the way that invalid date request parameters are handled so that even certain "broken" (i.e., incorrectly formatted) date/time parameter values can be interpreted. For values that cannot be interpreted, TeamPage now returns an HTTP 400 with an error message indicating the nature of the error, instead of an HTTP 500 internal server error. (Server98510)

• improved the display of the "Tags" field in section tables. (Server98446)

For Developers

• TeamPage's built-in legacy JavaScript debug logging API has been updated to use the browser's built-in JavaScript console logging.

• TeamPage's SDK now has first class support for search expressions as applied to file listings using the new com.traction.sdk.file.FileSearchExpression as applied to a com.traction.sdk.FileRequest. (Server98303)

• TeamPage's SDK now has helper methods for efficiently retrieving the date of the last entry and document in a space.


EntryClass configurations now support the normal_list_membership_eligible=true|false property to indicate whether an entry belonging to that class can be added and removed from "normal" lists (such as user worklists and other manually authored lists). The default value of this property is to defer to the EntryClass's isNormalActionTarget() method. (Server98423)

For Administrators

• Created the Invalid Principals Report plug-in (com.traction.report.badprincipals) that allows server administrators to get a list of each of the following types of issues:

"Invalid" here means that the principal cannot be resolved. For example, in an environment where TeamPage is connected to an external identity service, an invalid user principal might be one which can't be located, perhaps because it has been deleted.

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