Title: TeamPage 6.2.54

TeamPage 6.2.54 is focused on further improvements related to integration with external identity systems, including some important fixes specific to integration with Microsoft Active Directory. This release also includes a bug fix that users of Signature Requirements who also use external identity systems should install to improve performance. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Bug Fixes

External Identity Service Integration

• Fixed an issue with the way the external principal cache filler determines the initially requested "freshness" that prevented recently retrieved data from being re-used as expected, resulting in more work being performed on startup to retrieve and cache important information required to evaluate effective permissions for TeamPage users. (Server98014)

• Fixed an issue with the group lookup control in the ACLs and Groups editor dialog. For results that represent externally defined groups, TeamPage could make one or more requests to the external identity service to retrieve information that is not presented as part of the result or otherwise required in this context. (Server98039)

• Fixed an issue in the way TeamPage handles data that represents the definition of lists of ACL entries. If any ACL entries referenced a user or group defined in an external identity service, TeamPage might make requests to the external service to fill in information about those users and groups before it was known that the information would required. At best, this resulted in data being collected which may simply never be used; and at worst, this could cause TeamPage to perform a significant amount of unnecessary work, particularly during startup. (Server97993)

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

• Fixed an issue that could cause TeamPage to make redundant LDAP queries when retrieving information required to determine membership relationships among Active Directory users and groups which are, in turn, required to compute permissions for TeamPage user accounts bound to Active Directory principals. TeamPage should now make one and only one LDAP query to retrieve the "memberOf" and/or "member" information per security principal, for a given generation of the security principal cache. This should improve performance during startup and whenever the principal cache is being refreshed (on the schedule configured by an administrator for a particular set of Active Directory integration settings). (Server98028)

• Fixed some issues with the way that the "freshness" for certain data retrieved from Active Directory are determined that could either cause data just refreshed to be considered out of date. (Server97994 / Server97997)

• Fixed an issue with the way that TeamPage handled externally defined principals that may be neither groups nor users. (Server98044)

Signature Requirements module

• Fixed an issue with the way that the signature requirements module loads information it may require related to groups defined in external identity systems so that it does not unnecessarily reload data that were possibly just refreshed during server startup or external principal cache refreshes. (Proteus17293)

Email Notifications

• Fixed a bug that prevented the "Subject" option for the "Email Notification Reply Target Designation Style" setting from working properly. (Server98062)


Signature Requirements module

• Modified the way that the signature requirements module keeps data up to date when certain kinds of changes happen in TeamPage to be much more efficient. This includes the creation of new TeamPage user accounts bound to externally defined user accounts, and modification of security groups and ACLs. In certain circumstances, signature requirements data may temporarily appear out of date following these kinds of changes, but for no longer than a few minutes. (Proteus17298)


• TeamPage now has metering (counts and timing) for the creation of objects used to represent proxies for key definition data for group or user principals defined in Active Directory. (Server98051)

• TeamPage also now has metering (counts and timing) for request-local object cache usage. (Server98018)

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Date: January 25, 2022; 5:30:04 AM EST
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