Title: TeamPage 6.2.50

TeamPage 6.2.50 is focused on a small number of bug fixes, including fixing one regression introduced in TeamPage 6.2.49 that may affect customers whose TeamPage server is connected to a Microsoft Active Directory server, and several improvements aimed at making it easier for developers to use date/time values and ranges via the Traction TeamPage SDK. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that prevented "Tag Removed" sections from displaying the correct results. Usually, no results would be displayed, but it is also possible that an incorrect set of results might appear. (Server97073)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent users from authenticating against a TeamPage server connected to Microsoft Active Directory when using certain advanced configuration settings. (Server97110)

• Fixed two issues that could certain cause tags to be removed when using TeamPage's classic edit forms. (Server97060 / Server97062)

• Fixed a minor bug related to generating iCalendar formatted calendar invitations to be sent with email notifications. This issue might cause the event description to include unnecessary formatting. We have not received any issue reports from user as a result of this issue other than an associated error or warning in server logs, but it is possible that this could have affected the presentation of the event description in Outlook or other calendaring software. (Server97088)

For Developers

APIs for "Standard" Date Values

Entry and EntryClass

The APIs offered in com.traction.sdk.EntryClass and com.traction.sdk.Entry for retrieving and creating com.traction.sdk.DateTypes have been improved.

UTCDisplayDate and UTCCalendarRange

To support these API changes, and ot generally make it easier to deal with date values in com.traction.sdk.token.EntryFields and form data, these additional changes are also included in this release:

• New methods in the DateType interface for getting or setting date values in more contexts:

UTCDisplaydate also has two new methods. both with default implementations:

UTCCalendarDateRange also has some new helper methods for performing common tests for a range (all of which also have default implementations):

Calendar Date Range EntryFields Supporting Filtering

And lastly, some new EntryFields have been added, mainly to support filtering based on some of those new UTCCalendarDateRange methods:

(Server97108 / Server97071)

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