Title: TeamPage 6.2.44

Traction® TeamPage 6.2.44 is focused on a short list of bug fixes, including a few that will be helpful for deployments that make use of TeamPage's moderation features (particularly draft vs. published status), as well as an important fix for an issue related to ACL permissions editing. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug introduced in TeamPage 6.2.41 that could, in certain cases, prevent a user who is a server administrator (i.e., who has "Server Setup" permission) from being able to modify the ACL permissions rules for a space if they do not have "Access" permission in that space. ACL permissions changes in these cases might be applied to the wrong space. Administrators are encouraged to modify want to audit space ACL rules that may have been modified by server administrators but who may not have "Access" permissions in to make sure that the rules are correct. (Server93544)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the "Effective Permissions" dialog from displaying correct information about the permissions of the target user or group. Instead, the dialog would always indicate that no Allow or Deny rules applied to the user or group selected in the ACL permissions editor, making it appear that they had no permissions in that context. (The "Show Details" link, or individual users' account settings > Permissions pages, which also show information about effective permissions, was not affected.) (Server93544)

• Fixed some issues with the way that TeamPage produces results for "Published" queries with custom date ranges. These issues could cause entries that were not self-published to appear in query results as of their creation date/time rather than the date/time that they were actually published; and could prevent entries with a published version from appearing as of the date/time they were published if the original version of the entry were not also published. (Server93402 / Server93411 / Server93415)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the "Preferred Article Display Date" and "Preferred Article Attribution Display" space settings from being correctly applied. (Impi6687)

• Fixed a bug that could cause template entries to appear among the results of certain queries when they haven't been explicitly requested. (Template entries that would otherwise have matched a query are not supposed to be included unless they have been requested using the appropriate query parameters.) (Server93490)

• Fixed a bug which, in some unusual circumstances, could prevent the inline task form at the top of a user's worklist from appearing, and cause an error to be displayed such as "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The entry ID null-1 is not valid." (Server92448)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the "Edit" button that appears when expanding a collapsed entry in a task list from working properly if the entry was a list separator entry. (Proteus16174)

• Fixed a bug that could cause rotated log files to be deleted or archived (compressed) before they should have been according to the log file archiving and deletion policy. (Server93395)

• Fixed a bug in the Signature Requirements add-on module that prevented the signatures summary from being displayed in email digests. (Proteus16179)

• Fixed a regression introduced in TeamPage 6.2.41 that could cause an error to be reported in the confirmation page displayed when a new journal has been created. (The error would not prevent the journal creation from completing.) (Server93517)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent TeamPage from gracefully handling custom search expressions that are missing a closing parenthesis. Users might see a generic and unhelpful error message, such as "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -8", presented in TeamPage's feedback dialog. Users will now see a normal and specific error message indicating that the search expression is invalid because of the missing parenthesis, presented appropriately in the interface rather than in the feedback dialog. (Server93520)


Since TeamPage 6.2, TeamPage has added the email header "Return-Path: <>" to automatically generated email messages, such as digests and notifications. In environments where certain email services are used, this is an effective way to ensure that automatically generated responses such as out-of-office replies or bounce messages are not sent by the destination server in response to these messages, not all SMTP services accept messages that have this empty Return-Path header. Starting in this release, TeamPage no longer adds the "Return-Path: <>" header unless an administrator uses the new "Set Empty Return-Path Header on Automatically Generated Messages" setting to indicate that they want this behavior. (Server93560)

• When a user is looking at a project or milestone dashboard, and uses one of the "Add" buttons to create a new entry (e.g., a new task or a new related article), TeamPage now refreshes the dashboard rather than navigating to a single entry view of the newly created entry. (Server93445)

• Added proper support in the generic Media widget for .m4a and .flac audio files. (Server93462)

• Added countermeasures to protect against certain kinds of coding errors that could prevent pages from being displayed due to an attempt to have the rendering of an article or other entry include itself. (Server93444)

• Improved TeamPage's existing support for disabling websockets in environments where it might not be possible to use them. (Server93486)

• Made some minor optimizations to speed up loading of template entries displayed in the "Templates" menu of most web-based forms. (Server93491)

For Developers

com.traction.sdk.view.EntryGroup is now an interface rather than a class. It has three methods: getName(), getHeading(), getDescription(), and getUrl(com.traction.sdk.TractionUrlGenerator). (The simple implementation is now located in com.traction.sdk.view.SimpleEntryGroup.)

com.traction.sdk.sdl.tag.ConfiguredEntries now supports internationalized properties for expressing search modifications that should be applied automatically to the configured queries. Custom SDL tag configurations using ConfiguredEntries may now use internationalized resources in the search expression properties, e.g.,

# my custom SDL tag config, e.g.,
# config/sdl/tags/footasks.complete.properties

# Use ConfiguredEntries

# type= for entries tag, sets query type.

# Value of the entries.type tag in the scope of this tag.

# Only include entries claimed index entry types.

# Only include those considered completed

# By default, sort in reverse chronological order
# by completion date (most recently completed first).

This may be useful in various circumstances, especially when using search expressions that involve entry field value filter expressions -- f() terms --for entry fields that may have values that are localized at evaluation/render time. (Server93401)

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