Title: TeamPage 6.2.38

TeamPage 6.2.38 is focused on bug fixes, particularly for two issues that were introduced in version 6.2.37, and further performance improvements related to handling of search filters used with TeamPage's built-in queries. It also adds the ability to download the entire contents of a Document page folder as a single .zip file and enables TeamPage administrators to broadcast a simple in-page message visible to all connected users (e.g. to warn them of a planned shutdown). Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Bug Fixes

• Fixed two regressions that prevented digests from being generated on the schedules configured by server administrators or individual users, and possibly for the correct set of users. (Server92484 / Server92507)

• Fixed a regression that prevented the Documents view from working properly in Internet Explorer 11. (Proteus16048)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent an "updated by" search expression from being correctly applied in certain cases. (Server92409)

• Fixed a bug that could cause extra work to be done when applying search expressions to queries using "native" TeamPage APIs. (Server92391)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent search expressions from being correctly applied on top of other search expressions in certain situations. There are no known places in which this issue would have caused user-visible consequences, but customer-authored plug-ins might be affected. (Server92408)

• Fixed an issue that could cause entries to be erroneously included or omitted in the results for queries using "native" TeamPage APIs that include certain combinations of item-level (i.e., paragraph grain) search expressions, including item number or item ID matching terms. (Server92487)


• Improved defenses against cross-site request forgery attacks when handling certain kinds of requests. (Server92332)

• Added a simple feature that allows administrators to broadcast a simple message to all connected users for a length of time of their choosing. This could be useful to let users know, for example, that the server will be shutting down at a particular time for planned maintenance. (Server87008)

• Added the ability to download the entire contents of a folder from a Documents page as a .zip file. The .zip file download link now appears at the top of each Documents view. (Proteus6602)

• Made further improvements to the way that search expressions are applied for queries using "native" TeamPage APIs (as opposed to queries using an external search engine via TeamPage's Advanced Search module). This builds further on optimizations and improvements that have been added in recent releases starting with TeamPage 6.2.31. (Server92377 / Server92395 / Server92392)

For Developers

com.traction.sdk.File's isFile method now works correctly. It would previously sometimes return the wrong value, but is now correctly implemented to always return the inverse of the isDirectory method. (Server92347)

• The com.traction.sdk.SearchExpression interface and its implementations have been made read-only. Setter methods such as setInfixExpression have been removed. To create a new SearchExpression, client code can still use one of the methods defined in com.traction.sdk.SdkFactory; and to combine a SearchExpression with the one already on the JournalRequest, clients can use the existing addConjunctionOrSetSearch or addDisjunctionOrSetSearch methods.

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