Title: TeamPage 5.2.68

Published Dec 23, 2013 This article describes what's new in Traction® TeamPage version 5.2.68. This release contains several bug fixes and improvements.

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Bug Fixes

• The YouTube widget now correctly incorporates URLs that use the HTTPS protocol when necessary. Previously, when connecting to a TeamPage server over an HTTPS protocol, YouTube widgets would not appear due to the recent strengthening of security measures in popular web browsers such as Google Chrome. (Server67710) See also Support3124: iFrame and Embed widget may show an empty frame if you try to include insecure (http) content in a secure (https) TeamPage server page if you have problems with custom widgets not displaying in TeamPage when using the HTTPS protocol.

• The link/button to close the Setup Assistant will now be hidden if the user viewing the page doesn't have permission to close it. Previously, a user who didn't have permission to close the Setup Assistant could click the link/button, but it would not operate properly, and TeamPage would report an error. (Proteus10416)

• Fixed a bug with PDF export that could cause an export operation to fail if the content being exported contained a link to an empty URL (HTML with the structure <a href="">...</a>). (Server67751)

• The URLs that refer to the icon image displayed in expanded feed items for external search results has been corrected. Previously, the image would appear broken or missing because the wrong URL was being used. This only applies to customers who have the Attivio+ search module. (Server59980)

• Fixed a bug that caused image embedding to fail when using the rich text editor's Insert Image dialog and not specifying a value for the Border field. (Server67913)

• Fixed a an issue which could, in certain cases, cause the user to see a "StackOverflowError" when viewing a page that has a search filter, and at least one entry that contains an inline embedded reference to another entry. (Server67925)

• Corrected the default "From" address used for certain automatically generated email messages to be the default "From" address for the server. This issue was confined to TeamPage customizations that make use of the SDL <email> tag, and is not likely to have been "seen in the wild." (Server68560)

• Fixed a bug related to the "routing" of incoming email replies to other messages that have been previously processed by TeamPage. TeamPage processes incoming email messages and creates new articles, comments and other entries from them. Where the server mailbox is concerned, the destination space is determined according to the rules described in Common TeamPage Server Mailbox Configuration. Incoming messages that are found to be replies to messages that have previously been processed by TeamPage are, by default, routed to the "moderation" space (for comments) of the existing entry's contaiining space. But users can always override this default behavior by manually specifying a target space, e.g., by including a target space directive in the subject line. Previously, TeamPage would not always correctly defer to such a directive when one was present, and would instead still use the default routing for an incoming email reply. This could cause the comment created from the incoming email reply message to be created in the wrong space. (Server69007)

• Fixed a bug that could cause certain email ingestion directives appearing in a message subject to be improperly removed from the subject header, even if the directives turned out to be invalid, and/or were ignored for some other reason. For example, @SpaceName directives are ignored when a message was received by a space mailbox, because messages sent to space mailboxes are always routed to the space that owns the mailbox. Now TeamPage will leave in place any such text in the message subject, so that it will still appear in the resulting entry's title. (Server69026)

• Changed the way that entries are plotted on a calendar to prevent invalid or missing dates/times from causing an error that prevented such a request from completing normally. This change was mainly introduced to handle the case of an event entry with a start date/time but no end date/time. This error could cause a "NullPointerException" to be reported in various contexts, including the following: any "Calendar" tab; any iCal syndication feed; the body of an email digest message. (Server69275)

Other Improvements

• Changed the default URL used for the "Feedback about Traction TeamPage" form to use the HTTPS protocol instead of the HTTP protocol. This form is used either when a user chooses "Send Feedback" from the help menu, or when the server or client encounters an error while attempting to service a request or user operation (this covers everything TeamPage server configuration issues, issues with the machine hosting a TeamPage server, or a bug or other unexpected problem). Not only is the HTTPS protocol more secure, but some browsers will refuse to allow the feedback form to be submitted if the user is looking at a page that is using the HTTPS protocol. Previously, this could cause the feedback form submission to silently fail when the user clicked the "Report" button. (Server69015)

• The Erase feature now allows users to post their erase comment to any space in which they have Author or Comment permission. Previously, only Author permission would be sufficient to allow a user to post their erasure comment, and in some cases, users who had permission to erase an entry could not erase it if they had, e.g., only Comment permissions and no Author permissions in any spaces. (Server67794)

Developer Features

• The LabelNamesTag SDL tag implementation class now correctly invokes its own protected getLableNameIterator(com.traction.sdk.sdl.Scope scope, com.traction.sdk.LabelNameSet) method. Previously, it was invoking the overloaded getLabelNameIterator(com.traction.sdk.LabelNameSet) method, which ruled out useful extensions of the tag implementation class that could provide alternative sources for the LabelNameIterator. (23318e29ba24)

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