Title: TeamPage 5.2.64

This article describes what's new in TeamPage version 5.2.64. The focus of these patch releases was a small set of bug fixes and a few new features including: email notifications now include a list of files attached to the entry that triggered the notification; Tasks, Milestones, Events can now specify a time as well as date; improved labeling of items in the Calendar view; added sort options for Project, Milestone, Task sections; performance and administrator improvements.

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Features and Improvements

• TeamPage now includes a background daemon that automatically backs up the built-in JavaDB database every 4 hours. Most core data is stored in the TeamPage journal, which can be used to rebuild much of what is in these database tables. But certain data sets, such as metrics data, are stored in the JavaDB database tables. This automatic backup ensures that if these tables become corrupted for any reason, there is an easy path to restoring them. (Server65045)

• By popular demand, clicking the title of an entry in a feed view now opens a single entry view of the target entry, rather than expanding or collapsing the entry inline in the feed. Clicking the expand/collapse control, or any whitespace around the title or control, will still expand or collapse the entry in the feed. (Server66770)

• Every email notification message now includes a list of the files attached to the entry that triggered the notification. (1d1431ca4dda)

• TeamPage's PM data model now supports including a time along with a date for task, milestone and project due dates, and task start dates. A special plug-in, which is available upon request, is required to enable these features in the user interface.

• Removed the "Index as User" setting from the Attivio Setup configuration dialog, and references to it in various contexts. This setting became unnecessary with the addition of the built-in "super user" account in TeamPage 5.2.55.

• Modified a setting related to the way the Java Virtual Machine cleans up unused memory which should result in performance improvements, particularly for TeamPage configurations using a lot of RAM.

• For various entry links that appear in Calendar pages: modified the title tip text that appears when the user hovers over the link to include a prefix indicating the type of entry, e.g., "Task:", before the actual title; modified the title of the dialog that appears when a user clicks a link from a Calendar page to include the type of entry (e.g., Task); and added the icon next to the dialog title. These changes are designed to make it easier for the user to understand what they're looking at.

• Modified the way that file names are truncated in Documents page listings so that more of the available horizontal space will be used. (Server66489)

• The "Sorting" field now appears in the section editor for "Projects," "Milestones," "Tasks" section types. This allows the user configuring those types of sections to choose to sort the results alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically) by title, chronologically or reverse chronologically, or "randomly". (A future release will add more sort options, such as chronologically or reverse chronologically by due date.) (Server66715)

• Changed the way that certain kinds of unexpected authentication errors are handled. In one case, a user whose password had just been changed encountered an unexpected error when trying to visit the Sign In form. We hope that no other users encounter this problem, but in case they do, this change will include additional diagnostic information in the feedback report that would be generated for the user to send to us here at Traction Software. (Server66394)

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that could prevent some file-to-WebDAV attachment store migrations from completing successfully. (AKJ17388) There may still be some outstanding issues related to this migration process.

• Fixed the link that appears in login assistance email messages so that it correctly refers to the authoritative base URL for the server (the value of the "Server Name" setting on the Server Setup | Network page). (AKJ18222)

• Fixed an issue with the To and From addresses used for the Test SMTP message. The To address will now always be the preferred address of the user performing the test, and the From address will always be the server's Outgoing "From" Email Address. (Server65778)

• Cleaned up and fixed some minor / cosmetic issues with various incoming and outgoing mail test dialogs. (ca8ab683a556)

• Fixed a problem with the "Add" button in the Section Table widget that could cause the wrong type of form to be opened when the user clicked the button. (6dfb5e45a7b2)

• Fixed a minor problem with a "ping" feature used in certain pages. This problem wasn't noticeable for most users, but could cause strange problems for users connecting to TeamPage through a reverse proxy. (a1ef29956c4e)

• Modified the Navlinks for Proteus feature not to display navlinks on user profile pages. Navlinks don't belong here, and caused errors that prevented the viewing users from being able to look at user profile pages. (Server65213 / Server65837)

• Removed the icon linking to the Print Version for project and milestone calendar views. The Print Version skin doesn't currently support these types of views, and these links brought the user to an error page. (Server65988 / Server65990)

• Fixed a bug related to the "feed summary" displayed in the context of some Social Enterprise Web widgets. The bug prevented the title link from the feed from being displayed properly. The "feed summary" should now be displayed correctly tailored for any context. (AKJ18385)

• Fixed a typo in an SDL template that may have prevented the milestone related to a task the user is currently viewing from being set as the default milestone for the task form if the user clicked the New Task link from that page. (AKJ18553)

• Fixed a bug that caused an improper dependency on an external Java library that may not be present in all TeamPage installations. This may, for example, have prevented the "Follow" / "Unfollow" feature from functioning properly in TeamPage servers that do not have the Attivio premium search module. (bcda6829f913)

• Fixed a bug that caused some system tags (which may have appeared in a format like -e:Foo:123 ) to be displayed in the context of an expanded feed entry. (AKJ18673)

• Fixed a bug that caused the widgets used to display the title and body of the entries that record "Follow" and "Unfollow" activity from being rendered. (Server66632)

• On startup, invalid values for the Maximum Uploaded File Size setting (Server Setup | Server Files > Other Files > Uploaded Files) are replaced with an appropriate alternative value. Previously, although invalid values were never actually used by the system when enforcing the uploaded file size limit, administrators may not have been able to apply changes to the Server Setup | Server Files page, and it would not have been at all apparent that it was an invalid value for this setting that was preventing it from working properly. (Server65892 / Server64461)

• Fixed a bug that prevented file uploads from working on Documents pages in Internet Explorer 10. This fix will also ensure that this also won't be an issue in future versions of Internet Explorer. (Server66485)

• Fixed a bug that prevented email notifications of newly uploaded files from being sent. (Server66502)

• Changed the way that the default space is determined for the task or event form when using the "Task" or "Schedule" options in the hover outline menu. Now the moderation space for the entry being tasked or scheduled will only be used as the default space for the new task or event if the user has Author permission in that space; otherwise, there will be no space selected by default. Without the test for Author permission in that space, users who lacked permission to post would inevitably try to create their new task or event in a space where they're not allowed to do so, resulting in an error message. (Server65552)

• Fixed a bug that prevented a new status update posted from the popup form launched from a Project's or Milestone's status tab from being associated with the appropriate Project and/or Milestone. This only happened if the popup form was launched when the content field was empty and there were no files attached. (AKJ18696)

• Fixed a bug that prevented a comment on a comment posted via the Social Enterprise Web discussion widget from appearing when the user clicked the "Post Comment" button, although the comment would be created. (Server66694)

• Fixed a bug that could cause Javascript errors to be reported in the Proteus skin. (The page would still work after the error was dismissed.) (Proteus10058)

• Fixed a bug that caused custom volume selection (e.g., "Snippets" or "Brief") in Attivio search pages to be disregarded when dynamically retrieving further results as the user scrolled to the bottom of the page. (Proteus10142)

• Fixed a bug that could cause metrics data not to be recorded for Attivio search views that involve sufficiently long queries. (The components of long queries, or the entire query, may be truncated to fit within the constraints of the metrics database.) (Server66643)

i18n / l10n

• Internationalized the names of tags appearing in the default value for the frontpage (all spaces dashboard) section setting. (AKJ18264)

• Added skeleton Norwegian locales (no_no and no_no_ny). These don't yet contain any translations, but do provide users the ability to see dates, times, numbers and certain other values formatted in the manner that Norwegian users are accustomed to. (Server65915)

Developer Features

• Good news for developers making use of TeamPage's GWT forms API: you can now set your own HTML attributes on the INPUT elements representing a form field. Simply use attribute names that start with an underscore on your FIELD tag in the SDL used to generate your form's XML schema, and the corresponding named attribute, without the underscore prefix, will be set on the the INPUT tag. For example:

<field type="text" name="title" _id="t" _onkeyup="alert(this.value)" />

This is particularly useful for setting up your own event handlers for INPUT fields. (SDKForum691 / AKJ18529)

• In conjunction with the changes to support times for task, milestone and project due dates and task start dates, we've added several features related to defined "standard" named dates; and calendar date ranges, which describe how an entry is plotted on a calendar:

• Fixed a bug that prevented type-ahead completion from functioning in custom forms that use custom HTML layout. (Server66351)

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